All Weapons in Sniper Elite 5

Karl Fairburne is once again eliminating the Nazi offensive, one bullet at a time, in Sniper Elite 5. This time around, the fight has moved to France, where Fairburne will continue to hone his already impressive marksman skills as he endeavors to put a stop to the secret plans surrounding Project Kraken.

In order to take on the hostile forces occupying France as a one-man army, Fairburne will need to deck out his personal arsenal. Fortunately, there’s a fine lineup of bolt action and semi-auto rifles available, as well as an assortment of automatic weapons and sidearms. Let’s take a look at every weapon contained within Sniper Elite 5.

All Weapons in Sniper Elite 5


SREM-1: Developed for special ops by British SOE, the SREM is a unique pump-action sniper.

M.1903: With incredible range and muzzle velocity, the M.1903 A4 was the sniper rifle of choice for allied troops.

Karabiner 98: The German’s primary service weapon, with great stopping power and versatility.

Gewehr 1943: A rapid-firing German semi-auto inspired by the Soviet’s SVT rifles/

M1A Carbine: The lightweight carbine brought US troops unrivaled mobility and control, as well as being much quieter than most rifles, ideal for stealth ops.

RSC 1918: French semi-auto WW1 era rifle packs an enormous punch but is limited by its range and weight.


M1A1 Gov.: The iconic SMG delivers powerful .45ACP rounds but is heavy and has poor ironsight visibility.

Welgun SMG: Developed by SOE to replace the Stengun, the Welgun has improved mobility and accuracy.

Machine Pist.40: An ergonomic 9mm SMG, quick to reload and easy to control, even in fully-auto.

Type 100: Equipped with a muzzle brake as standard, it features excellent recoil control and a very high rate of fire.

Stengun Mk2: Used heavily by resistance forces, it’s as mobile as it is versatile, with lots of customization options.


M1911: The famous US pistol renowned for its .45ACP stopping power and reliability.

MK VI Revolver: The old British revolver packs a massive punch but is loud and suffers from high recoil.

Pistole 08: With great range and accuracy, the P08 is the marksman’s pistol of choice.

Welrod: Developed for Allied Special Ops, it’s silence but only effective in close quarters.

Model D: Adopted by the Wehrmacht after occupying France, it’s controllable and it’s 7.65mm rounds can penetrate helmets.

Type 14 Nambu: Super-lightweight Japanese pistol has unmatched mobility and reload speeds.

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