Ultros Ending Guide 34534

Ultros Ending Guide

When it comes to games like Ultros there are usually multiple different ways to accomplish your goals. For example, you might’ve accidentally figured out a bosses pacifist clear condition. However, given all the hidden memories, plus a wide variety of potential tasks to complete, we wanted to simplify things by explaining how to unlock all the endings in Ultros.

Violent Path

To unlock the violent ending simply kill all the Shaman. After this you’ll have an optional boss fight, followed by unlocking the ending.

Non-Violent Path

To get the true ending you must connect all the Shaman together. If this sounds like a massive time sink that involves hours of planting, cultivating, and maneuvering a connection line, that’s because it is. However, as someone who actually took the time to do this there are some tricks you might not realize that makes this a lot simpler than meets the eye.

How to Effectively Build a Network

It might surprise some players to learn the best way to build a network is through Staccati. These are the annoying plants that decrease visibility, and can damage you. Despite being annoying, they have two massive advantages over every other plant in Ultros.

Most plants have a condition required to grow, or follow some kind of rule. This can make building structures across the literal world of Ultros a nightmare to account for. As for Staccati, the only condition is final leaf positioning.

Ultros Ending Guide 34534

Basically, as long as you add a leaf to the end like pictured above, it should move some amount forward. Once placed anywhere from one to five rows of leafs will spawn. Simply keep up this rotation until you arrive at your destination.

Once the foundation is built, it’s time to use Staccati’s other advantage, the prickly nodes (pictured below) it spawns.

Ultros Ending Guide 345

What makes these nodes special is a couple things. For starters, these are the least conditional network nodes in Ultros. As long as they’re touching a plant they will work, and every one can be used to continue your network. The trick is to think about long term placement.

I would figure out what the maximum length is, and then hide one in that general area. This allows you to expand your network without really thinking, while also preventing these nodes from being a problem.

The final trick, which is true for all plants, is the take and replace method. Simply put, you can build a complete network across Ultros with a single Staccati seed. All you need to do is find a decent location to plant it, such as the one pictured above, and wait like a minute.

On average a planted Staccati seed will spawn four to five of those nodes around the outer perimeter. From here, simply take one node, move it to where you need it, followed by doing the same for the rest. When the plant no longer has nodes, dig the seed out, and then plant it again. This should yield a similar number of nodes allowing you to build whatever you want.

Ultros Ending Guide 345354

The only disadvantage to this is a single mess up can destroy your network. Be extremely careful placing anything, or simply save often. It will take hours to build a network, and a single error/moment to set you back a considerable amount.

This can be somewhat avoided by only using Staccati parts. Other things tend to have unusual interactions, which can be useful for certain sections, but it’s better safe than sorry. It also helps to note a large number of collectibles require plants as well. So make sure to plan long term over simply rushing to the shaman.

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