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How Long to Beat Ultros?

There is no denying Ultros is an interesting looking game. It’s what captured our interest, and something a number of other players as well. However, given how stacked the next couple of months are, not to mention a number of major releases, there are some concerns that Ultros is worth it. With this in mind we wanted to explain how long it takes to beat Ultros.

How Long to Beat Ultros?

Violent End

It took us just under 11 hours to reach the basic ending. This included a lot of mistakes, getting lost, and messing around. I’d guess someone with a map, and limited exploration can finish it in roughly 4 to 6 hours.

Non-Violent End

Like most games there are multiple endings in Ultros. To get the bad version you simply need to kill all the Shaman and fight the final boss. However, those interested in the good end need to find a way to network all of the Shaman.

This is done by cultivating specific plants, potentially over multiple runs, along with finding creative ways to interlink everything together. It’s more time consuming than difficult, though I’d wager doing this will bring you to 20 or more hours.

Clean Up

There are a number of optional things to do in Ultros beyond linking everything together. At the time every secret has not been discovered, though I’d wager once that information is known it can be done in a couple hours following the non-violent ending.

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