How to Defeat Nameless Puppet in Lies of P 3454

How to Defeat Nameless Puppet in Lies of P

Nameless Puppet is the final boss in Lies of P and it’s by a wide margin the hardest fight. A lot of this is due to the way it attacks. Instead of being a slow fight, or one that gives a lot of options, it hinges on your ability to adapt. While this unfortunately means skill is a big factor, this guide will help mitigate some of that.

Suggested Build

For this fight I suggest Patience Amulet, Leaping Amulet +1, Blue Guardianship Amulet, LADA F350 Frame, LADA Large Capacity Insulation Converter, LADA Shock Cartridge, and LADA Fiber-Reinforced Liner. For the final amulet I would use Carrier Amulet +1 to be underweight, though if you don’t need it I would suggest something more powerful.

As per usual your weapon should be Two Dragons Sword and Aegis shield. At this point your sword should be leveled to five, so if it isn’t drop everything and do that. In addition to those I would use an Acid Grindstone with an Acid Abrasive item or Legion Magazine. I don’t normally suggest items since they’re pretty terrible in Lies of P, though they’re really useful to have.

P-Organ Build

Given this fight is extremely difficult you might want to consider redoing your P-Organ build. With this fight the dodges are extremely important, as are all the Pulse Cells you can get (cap is 10), and auto charging Legion to save you towards the end of this fight. Even swapping some things around to get a second Special Grindstone use can be massive.

Your ability to use Legion and retain stamina are ultimately what won the encounter for me. Increasing both of these while following this guide will make a substantial difference if you understand its rotation.

Defeating Nameless Puppet

Nameless Puppet (Phase One)

Before entering the arena I suggest using the Acid Grindstone, waiting for Nameless Puppet to attack and block with Aegis. Do not bother attacking since the explosion will push you back anyway. When he rushes you’ll want to block through his attacks while also attacking. Ideally he will not use a red strike, as you must avoid it to prevent taking damage, which was something that happened maybe 20 percent of the time.

How to Defeat Nameless Puppet in Lies of P 34534

Usually I was able to block, get enough hits in to be out of stamina and stun Nameless Puppet. From here you’ll want to attack until there is just enough stamina to dodge to safety. Repeat the process by using Aegis to thank Nameless Puppet’s nonsense while you attack back. This rotation should be very similar, though instead of using normal attacks against a stunned Nameless Puppet, you’ll want to do the full sword three hit combo.

If done correctly, this will do enough damage to end the phase. For those wondering, if you do the combo on the first stun it typically ended poorly. Nameless Puppet grows more hostile the lower his health gets, so you’re skipping an easier part to fight a much harder version. If that isn’t bad enough, Nameless Puppet also has Pulse Cells it can use to regain health. Only the first phase seems to do this, I only saw it happen at roughly 50 percent health or lower, and it heals around 20 percent. However, I never once saw him heal if I landed the full three hit combo on the second stun.

Nameless Puppet (Phase Two)

So the “trick” for this fight is to actually perfect block specific moves. Doing this will stun him for moment to heal/attack. It’s long enough to actually hit the Fable Art combo, not that I’d suggest it unless it’s a Hail Mary play. Unless you can consistently do this under pressure, I would suggest following this guide closely.

At this point you’ll lose the acid debuff and have a brief moment to safely engage Nameless Puppet. I personally would heal if 25 percent or more health was missing while running towards him to get a couple swings in. Unfortunately, I didn’t notice any consistency in his attacks.

How to Defeat Nameless Puppet in Lies of P 34543

What you instead need to do is get a good idea of his rotations. Nameless Puppet generally attacks, gives you a brief moment to heal/attack, before attacking again. A well times Aegis shield can prevent taking a lot of damage while also allowing you to attack.

Every now and then he will get stunned, which I suggest making the most of. In the event the opportunity arises, I also suggest going for the Fatal Attack. The only thing to keep in mind is he will attack the area around him, so you want to retreat immediately.

By properly timing Aegis, having a good understanding of his rotation, and getting at least a few perfect stuns he should die for one of the endings.

Post Game

After killing Nameless Puppet you’ll find out about New Game+. Simply declining that mode will let you enter post game to finish things in the world. Most notable is getting his boss item, though there are a few trophy/achievements that require events from this point in the story. For more information about that I suggest checking out our ending guide.

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