How to Defeat Laxasia the Complete in Lies of P 43534

How to Defeat Laxasia the Complete in Lies of P

Laxasia the Complete is an extremely intense fight. Unlike every other boss in Lies of P, Laxasia the Complete is slow, but makes up for it with a lot of power. So much it’s entirely possible to die in a single second to even a minor mistake. This will make her a nightmare for players who’re not the best, to even a sizable challenge to everyone else. Thankfully, she isn’t invincible and has a few weaknesses.

Suggested Build

For this fight it helps to have Patience Amulet, Red Fox’s Amulet, Blue Guardianship Amulet, LADA F350 Frame, LADA Large Capacity Insulation Converter, LADA Shock Cartridge, and a LADA tier liner. I believe she does Slash damage, though realistically most of the damage you’ll take is from lightning. I can also say Iron Wall is better if you need a little more defense, as is considering Murderer Puppet’s Amulet or one of the boss options.

I used Two Dragons Sword for this fight, which at this point you should be able to increase to the max level of five. This brings the attack up to 234, which is a bit less than other options, but is strong due to how it attacks. I also kept Aegis on, even though it wasn’t used for much.

With this fight I also suggest going back to Flame Grindstone. I had a lot of success using that for sizable damage.

Defeating Laxasia the Complete

Laxasia the Complete (Phase One)

Before entering the arena start by using the Flame Grindstone. She moves slow enough where you can realistically burn her, and by doing this conserve enough health charges to go into the second phase well.

How to Defeat Laxasia the Complete in Lies of P 34534

It also helps to break her shield, something that will persist in the second phase. Not only does it limit how much damage is defended later, it gives you a brief stun. Beyond that all of her moves are extremely slow. This makes her easy to get a quick Aegis shield burst from, though do not do anything bold against her. Many of her lightning attacks will either shock you for a massive disadvantage or kill you outright. It’s always better to let her go than push.

In the event you get the Fatal Attack immediately retreat. Both forms do an attack, with this being a quick slice that can easily kill an unsuspecting player.

Laxasia the Complete (Phase Two)

During phase two Laxasia the Complete doubles down on the lightning attacks and you’re given practically no breathing room. At the first part it will always start with her throwing six lightning balls and then leaping towards you. Perfect reflects send them back to her, with my record being four reflects. This did a sizable 1,478 damage, or roughly 10 percent of her health. It isn’t much, though they add up. The much harder part is making sure to not get destroyed by her leap after.

How to Defeat Laxasia the Complete in Lies of P 4353

Outside of abusing perfect blocks, the trick is to play as defensive as possible. She will often retaliate with powerful slams, or massive strikes that when avoided, can be punished with sizable damage. In addition to those moves, a quick Aegis can leave her vulnerable, as can dodging. This is a fight that requires practice as so much of it comes down to timing.

Finally, if you get the Fatal Attack immediately retreat. She does a two hit combo followed by a lightning shockwave attack. I was hit by two of these things with 80 percent health remaining and was dropped to 10 percent. Do not risk pushing her as you’ll likely get killed before killing her.

Post Fight Details

I’m pretty sure the main deciding factor for ending is determined after this fight. For this reason I strongly suggest copying your file or at least being mindful of that.

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