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How to Defeat Red Fox in Lies of P

After killing Black Cat it should’ve been obvious you’ll eventually face Red Fox in Lies of P. Her fight is fairly typical for a human, one that you should have no issue with following the last encounter. Still, if you’re struggling we wanted to make it easier by making a quick guide to best her.

How to Defeat Red Fox in Lies of P

Set Up

As long as you have a fast sword you should be able to win this fight. But if you’re struggling don’t forget to swap to slash items and also Aegis shield.

If you do end up losing it is important to unlock the shortcut. This is done by going the elevator path and taking it down. This will open the gate to the side by the Stargazer and make it really easy to return to her with max healing items.

Defeating Red Fox

For the most part she has a two hit slash attack and will be stunned by two hits herself. The ideal way to fight her is to dodge her attacks, punish and then keep doing it until you run out of stamina or she gets too far away.

Outside of that, playing smart is really all you need to do.

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