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How to Defeat Black Cat in Lies of P

After a long journey you finally have the opportunity to defeat Black Cat in Lies of P. At the start of the fight you also have the opportunity to opt out of fighting him, but like most things it’s best to just put an end to the problem. That is, assuming you can win the fight.

How to Defeat Black Cat in Lies of P

Suggested Build

A fast weapon and Multi-Layered armor should be all you need. It helps to build up your stamina, though this is honestly one of the easiest fights in the game.

Defeating Black Cat

Black Cat doesn’t have much of a move set, or even aggressive tendencies. He generally pokes once and gets stunned every couple of hit. For this reason it’s best to just wait for the attack, dodge to the side, and then punish.

One piece of advice I will give is to not chase after the Fatal Attack. He is pretty good at avoiding a charged hit, at least to the point where you’re more likely to take damage from that than playing it safe.

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