How to Defeat Corrupted Parade Master in Lies of P 34534

How to Defeat Corrupted Parade Master in Lies of P

Parade Master was far from the hardest boss in Lies of P, so it isn’t much of a surprise Corrupted Parade Master isn’t much of a threat either. Despite being arguably easy, this is still a boss and he is more than capable of killing you after any mistake. For these reasons we wanted to go over some tactics to make it a lot easier.

How to Defeat Corrupted Parade Master in Lies of P

Suggested Build

For this fight you’ll want a fast weapon like Two Dragons Sword, Patience Amulet, and LADA Large Capacity Corrosion Resistance Converter. It also helps to have Spaced Armor, though it isn’t required. Finally, grab the trusty Aegis Legion Arm to make short work of its nonsense.

I also went in with the Acid Grindstone to make things a bit easier. Using Carcass Butcher’s Amulet is another handy item to make things go a bit faster.

Defeating Corrupted Parade Master

At the start use your Acid Grindstone and use Aegis to mitigate as many of its attacks as possible. Ideally you’ll do enough damage to bring it to half health.

From here you just want to play it safe. Most of its attacks are unchanged from the original fight, just with decay. Getting hit with that will not instantly result in failure, though it will force you to sharpen once or twice.

Whenever he spawns adds I also suggest killing them first. One isn’t too bad, but two or more can get overwhelming fast. Just go in fast, kill them, and immediately retreat. When done correctly they will die without you breaking a sweat. Outside of this, maintain the rotation and it should be an easy win.

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