How to Import Your Splatoon 2 Save to Splatoon 3 and What it Does 56

How to Import Your Splatoon 2 Save to Splatoon 3 and What it Does

Splatoon 3, like a lot of Nintendo games, has the ability to import your save from Splatoon 2. This is something that has some distinct benefits, though there are also some arguably negatives as well. Given this can be a tricky choice, we wanted to make it simple by explaining what it does and why you should or should not do it.

How to Import Your Splatoon 2 Save to Splatoon 3 and What it Does

How to Import

After making your character and doing the tutorial, Splatoon 3 will look for a Splatoon 2 save.

If you have one, it will give the pop up above and show the saves level and play time. Pushing A will continue to the next screen, which explains the benefits of doing so.

The advantage of importing the save is to basically the ability to immediately step into the action. While skill level will vary based off the player, Anarchy Battles seem to unlock immediately instead of level 10. This is a nice bonus, though it can also be a disadvantage due to gear. That is mostly where the Gold Sheldon Licenses come into play.

What do Gold Sheldon Licenses Do?

Sheldon Licenses are used in the weapon shop to unlock weapons.

Players will quickly get a few of the basic ones, which give access to variety of weapons. However, Gold Sheldon Licenses are different and far more valuable.

Instead of having to reach up to level 30 and use a normal License to purchase the weapon, the Golden version grants immediate access. It doesn’t matter what level you are, any currently locked weapon can be used with that License. This makes it really useful for getting your favorite gun, immediate access to try new weapons or just try things out. So, unless you’re a really high level and don’t want to immediately play against some of the best, it’s a great benefit that we strongly suggest taking advantage of.

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