Sonic Frontiers Guide: How To Beat The Wyvern

Another Titan that you have to face in Sonic Frontiers is the Wyvern. This battle is quite unique because you will be flying in the air as Super Sonic to face this epic boss.

Much like the first titan in the game, you will have to get to the top of the Wyver to get the final Chaos Emerald. This is pretty straightforward as you have to climb on top of the tower and wait for the Wyvern to come to you.

After you get to the top, the Wyvern will shoot out a red carpet where you can run. All you need to do in this section is avoid the laser blasts until you reach his head and the Chaos Emerald.

Similar to Gigantos, you will have to parry the Wyvern’s attacks to come out on top. Hold down the L1 and R1 (Left and Right Bumpers) to repel his many missile attacks. Remember you can hold parry as you don’t need to have perfect timing.

After you hit him with a missile, the Wyvern will attack you with its tail. Again, just parry his attack and follow the button prompts. This part of the fight is painfully easy if you know when and how to parry.

The second phase is simple too, but he will shoot out some rings at you. Again, just parry the missiles to aggravate him. Instead of parrying his attacks once, you will have to do it twice this time around.

The last part of the fight is just some button prompts and some last-minute slashes you need to parry. Try to end the fight before your gold rings run out. As you might know, you will have to start over when the rings run out and Sonic returns to normal!

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