How Long to Beat Exoprimal? 324

How Long to Beat Exoprimal?

What makes Exoprimal unique is tying narrative into a PVPVE experience. Progression is made by finishing matches, though there also seems to be various conditions. For example, playing with a friend at a lower point will not let you progress beyond specific story stages. With so much going on we wanted to simplify the experience by telling you how long Exoprimal is.

How Long to Beat Exoprimal?

It took me exactly 59 matches to finish every story stage in Exoprimal. Given matches are anywhere from 10 to 18 minutes a match, this can very realistically take 15 hours to complete. This amount can be further increased by viewing optional cutscenes located under the database.

After finishing the narrative the only unlock you’ll receive is access to Savage Gauntlet. This is a special weekly mission that offers higher rankings and awards. That being said, the mode will not be accessible until July 28, so there is no advantage to having access to it until that time.

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