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How to Unlock the Second Archetype in Remnant 2

Unlocking the second archetype (class) is one of the most significant upgrades you can get in Remnant 2. Once unlocked you’ll gain access to a second set of skills to help you survive this harsh world. However, like everything else in Remnant 2, it’s hidden in a rather obtuse way. Thankfully, we figured it out and will save you the headache.

How to Unlock the Second Archetype in Remnant 2

Getting the Second Archetype Item

In Ward 13 you’ll have a wide variety of venders that sell specific items. These include rings, consumables, armor, artifacts, weapons, and strange trinkets for a lot of scrap.

What you need to do is obtain 1,500 scrap, followed by purchasing the trinket that matches the archetype you wish to use.

  • Dr Norah – Medic
  • Mudtooth – Handler
  • Barbus – Hunter
  • Reginald – Challenger

If you look at the list you might notice Gunslinger is not listed. While it’s possible every game is a little different, I received this item by unlocking the trophy/achievement Tall Tales. To do this, simply speak to Mudtooth a lot. Overtime he will give a wide variety of items, with the final one being a worn cylinder.

When all the items are obtained, bring them to Wallace, pay the upgrade fee and this will unlock the archetype.

The Secret Archetypes

In addition to the five mentioned there are two more archetypes you can unlock. The first is called summoner, which summons various minions to aid you in battle. To unlock it you need to purchase the Faded Grimoire from the Bloodmoon Alter.

These alters can typically be found in the first area of Yaesha and will appear as a blue icon on the mini-map. One of the most common spawns is next to the Root Nexus. If you’re unsure how to obtain Blood Moon Essence, I suggest you check out our other guide to make things easier.

The other archetype of Explorer, which is unlocked by obtaining the Golden Compass. Unfortunately, this was an item I randomly obtained and didn’t even realize I got it until much later.

If someone happens to obtain it and can post where it was found we would greatly appreciate it.

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