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How Long to Beat Remnant 2?

Games like Remnant 2 can be a rather large investment. There is a lot to see, countless places to get stuck, and it really only takes one powerful boss to add a couple hours to your playthrough. While this will vary based off a number of factors, we wanted to make it easier by explaining how long to beat Remnant 2.

How Long to Beat Remnant 2?

Our initial co-op playthrough took about 25 hours to complete. This included beating every optional dungeon, trying to figure out every secret, getting stuck once or twice, and other quirks.

Someone looking to just finish things should be able to beat it in 15 hours. This relies on being able to beat the final boss, who is no joke, along with make it through some of the longer sections effectively. For example, a friend got stuck on the second section for roughly six hours because they couldn’t find the item needed to progress further.

Regardless of how long you spend on the initial playthrough you can expect to spend countless more exploring variations. There is a different initial area, stages have multiple different versions, to even dialogue options giving different content. Like there is a version where you help the Empress, get sent to the dungeon, and another where she applauds you for killing her guards. Most of these offer little benefit, like we didn’t get a unique item for the third option, but fans looking to see it all will likely want to complete these tasks.

This doesn’t even include rare events/bosses, hidden collectibles, secrets, leveling classes, and so much more. All of this can easily push a run into the 100+ hour range.

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