Atlas Fallen Trophy Guide

Atlas Fallen Trophy Guide

Getting every trophy/achievement is surprisingly quick and easy in Atlas Fallen. Most of these come down to knowing where something is, or completing various story tasks. Still, getting some of these can be pretty time consuming, so we wanted to make it a lot easier by writing a quick Atlas Fallen trophy guide to simplify the process.

Atlas Fallen Trophy Guide

General Overview

How Long to Complete? About 20 hours.
Missable Trophies? While progression can eliminate certain quests, their rewards can be obtained another way.
Can I Play on Easy? There is no restriction on difficulty and I strongly suggest decreasing it to make Flawless Victory easier.
What Happens After Beating? World rolls back before the final fight so you can finish whatever tasks remain.
Is Every Essence Stone Required? No. They can make things easier, but you do not need to obtain them all.
Do I need Multiple Saves? No. Atlas Fallen makes multiple auto-saves that can easily be used to correct a mistake, or retry to do something.
Is Co-Op Required? No, but it’s a lot faster to complete since items are shared.

As for the actual playthrough I suggest just having fun and exploring on your own. Anyone who wants to experience everything Atlas Fallen has to offer will want to focus on optional quests before progressing; whereas trophy/achievement hunters are better off rushing to the end. After beating the game you can focus on filling in the map and whatever tasks remain.

How to Use This Guide

To simplify things story related trophies will not be included in this guide. These include Break Out, Find Allies, Powerful Allies, Calm before the Storm, To Battle, Trinity, and Godslayer. Adventurer, Tributes of Caladrias, Big Bazar, Geared Up, Fashion Victim, Scholar, Alchemist, Stone Collection, and The Collector are also not listed since that will come naturally. We also made a separate guide for every map, which we suggest you use for finding various items.

Trophy Guide

Clear Sight
Clear all watchtowers in the game

Watchtowers are optional tasks where you defeat a powerful foe to cleanse the land. They’re the easiest objectives to find, since the area will be more hostile, and must be cleared to fully explore a map.

For locations please visit our map guide.

A Taste of Wrath
Defeat the Watcher’s Fury for the first time

Occasionally a mysterious sandstone will appear around you with a gauntlet of enemies to defeat. This should happen naturally and shouldn’t pose a threat if you play it safe.

The Mentor
Find the prisoner and talk to him in the Wildlands

There is a small building in the Priest Refuge, which can be seen below, that contains the prisoner and a couple optional tasks.

  • Every Atlas Fallen Map Guide 34543
  • Every Atlas Fallen Map Guide 3453

To enter, simply pay the bribe and you’ll find his cell to the right. He will have an optional quest, which you can complete for a cosmetic.

Find all anvils

Every map has a wide variety of anvils to find. Most of these should appear in normal play, with only a small number requiring extra effort.

For locations please visit our map guide.

Collect all upgrade shards

Shards are the various collectibles that increase your gauntlets power. Most of these will be found as part of story, with the remaining optional shards appearing throughout the various areas.

For locations please visit our map guide.

Stay in the air for 60 seconds in one go

This is a surprisingly easy trophy to cheese. Start by going to literally any Heavenly Shrine in Atlas Fallen. Switch to the axe, Dunecleaver, jump, and repeatedly attack the statue making sure not to destroy it. Due to how these two objects interact with one another, you should be able to perform an indefinite aerial combo that will eventually unlock it.

In the event you destroy every statue, find a Soarer enemy and do the same. As long as you’re not knocked down it should unlock.

Essence Blow
Shatter with a full Momentum Gauge

Swap to Sandwhip and fight any Greater Wraith or better. This should quickly fill your Momentum Gauge, which when completely filled will do a massive special attack by pushing both triggers.

Atlas Fallen Trophy Guide 1111

In the event you’re still struggling with this task, there are a wide variety of Essence Stones that make this a lot easier.

Kill 50 Wraiths by shattering them

Any enemy with a blue outline around their health bar, like pictured above, can be killed (or part broken) with a Shatter attack. My advice is to fight lesser enemies and opt to use Shatter to defeat them instead of just killing them normally.

Shatter Them All
Shatter 4 Wraiths at the same time

One of the easiest spots to get this is the upper area by the elite foe in the Underground. The general location is pictured below.

Atlas Fallen Trophy Guide 2934823

In the upper part you’ll find a bunch of Lesser Wraiths in a small enclosed area. By either doing a well timed normal Shatter, or waiting for a max shatter with Dunecleaver (axe) you should get it without much trouble. If you do finish the event and fail, there are a wide variety of auto saves that can be used to retry.

Slay all Elite Wraiths

Elite Wraiths can be found by challenging elite foes on the map. You’ll most likely find most of them by clearing every Watchtower and beating the game. If you’re missing one, head to Journey, Bestiary, and toggling to the second screen. Lesser enemies are either adds that spawn with greater/colossal foes, or can be found in earlier parts of the adventure.

Once the trophy/achievement pops you do not need to engage additional Elite Foes unless they’re required for another task.

For locations please visit our map guide.

Flawless Victory
Kill a Colossal Wraith without taking damage

This will probably be the hardest task in Atlas Fallen and one of the last tasks you’ll complete. To do this you need to kill a Tailguarder, Marauder, Heaver, Soarer, Conjurer, or if you really want to work for it, Fiur, Fractur, or Thelos’ Champion.

While the easiest enemy to defeat is a Heaver, you’ll be somewhat limited by what spawns. These are not a common enemy and once one is defeated that location will be clear of them (as near as we can tell anyway). Our suggestion, if possible, is to kill the Tailgauarder by the Queen’s Passage in the Underground.

Atlas Fallen Trophy Guide 923

Since this is an earlier boss it will spawn less annoying enemies, along with having an easy reset point in the event you take damage.

The basic trick to defeat it is using Rite of the Mire, with the Essence Stones Disruptive Throw, Lucky Stun, Rampaging Wrath, Assailing Hive, Impervious Gift, Crystal Slayer, Lasting Crystallisation, Crystalline Revenge, and then whatever you want in the final three slots. I used Momentum Stones for the Fortune boost, though you likely won’t need them.

Atlas Fallen Trophy Guide 023942

If you follow this build exactly, this should make short work of any foe. Simply start by using Disruptive Throw to prevent it from attacking, and then start attacking with Knuckledust. Usually this will proc Lucky Stun before the 9 seconds of slow wears off. Lasting Crystallisation will help bridge the gap so you can ideally restart this rotation by the time it’s ready to attack. Since the build relies heavily on slow/crystal, you’ll get a massive boost from Crystal Slayer and the armor, which should make incredibly short work of this enemy.

If you’d like to get an idea of how this work, we suggest following our video guide.

Fine Feathers Make Fine Birds
Collect all armors

Most armors are found by progressing in the story, doing optional quests, or simply buying them from a shop. Unfortunately, we did not keep detailed logs of each, but the locations we know are listed below with every obtainable armor set.

  • Queen’s Cover
  • Rite of the Mire (Errand: Knight Camp, Smith)
  • Perennial Mantle (Story)
  • Red Company
  • Preacher’s Guard (Story)
  • Deadeye’s Attire (Story)
  • Scout’s Gear (Side Quest: Shattered Keep, Lector)
  • Knight’s Plate (Story)
  • Purger’s Warsuit
  • Recruit Garments (Story)

All There Is
Unlock and fully upgrade all perks

While this sounds pretty daunting, enemies scale as you continue to increase power. By the time you reach rank 11 you’ll earn a surprisingly high amount of essence and quickly unlock everything.

False God
Destroy all Heavenly Shrines

These are the various statues that can be destroyed in Atlas Fallen. I suggest making sure to unlock Airborne before destroying every statue.

If you’re struggling to destroy one of these statues there will typically be an optional Forgotten Path that makes it easy to destroy, or Duncleaver (axe) can be used to slowly ascend to the missing spot.

For locations please visit our map guide.

I Found It
Collect a treasure by following an animal

These are somewhat poorly explained. Getting within the right general distance without alerting an animal should result in one of the animals activating. This will be obvious by the very distinct audio cue, along with it somewhat glowing.

Atlas Fallen Trophy Guide 209342

Once an animal is triggered you simply need to avoid being seen or leaving the general area. You do not need to follow the animal, or anything besides remaining hidden. Eventually it will dig up the treasure which you can haphazardly collect.

All That Gold
Collect all treasure maps and discover their treasure

There are 20 hidden treasure maps in Atlas Fallen. Every wildlife habitat will give a map piece, along with most venders having either a map or piece of one. The remaining map pieces are awarded via optional quests outside of a single exception.

  • Every Atlas Fallen Map Guide 43543
  • Every Atlas Fallen Map Guide 34534

The NPC located in the spot above will give you a map piece if you talk to him. It’s extremely easy to miss and worth doing when you’re there.

For locations please visit our map guide.

Kill a Scatterer with its own mines

Scatterer are a type of enemies that love to throw mines. I actually got this on my first attempt without even realizing it, so I wouldn’t go too crazy trying to get it. If you do struggle, these enemies are easy to glitch in walls. Once captured, they will typically blow themselves up trying to get you.

Feeling Fancy
Find all cosmetic items

Cosmetics are the only frustrating collectibles in Atlas Fallen. These are typically located in unmarked chests, stores, Forgotten Paths, or via quests. Unfortunately, we did not keep detailed track of these, though we included the locations we know and can confirm chest cosmetics are typically located by key locations.

A full list of cosmetic items can be found below. Please note, these are listed in the order found, so your list will probably differ.

  • Jousting Shield: Sun Kingdom
  • Jousting Shield: Lothville
  • The Helmet of a Knight of Bastengar
  • Helmet of a Lothville Knight (Side Quest: Sunken City of Lothville: Lower Districts, The Voice)
  • Solar Chestplate
  • True Guardian Helmet
  • Lion Chestplate
  • A Simple, Small Metal Shield
  • Ever Burning Sun Pauldron (Traveling Merchant)
  • Owl Chestplate (Forgotten Path: The Black Alms, by Swamp Gate Anvil)
  • Jousting Shield: Lothville Flower
  • Jousting Shield: Hawk
  • Jousting Shield: Knights of Bastengar
  • Iron Mask (Side Quest: Priest’s Refuge/see The Mentor)
  • Lothville Crown (Underground: Above Queen’s Passage anvil)
  • Jousting Shield: Sun and Moon
  • Rays of the Sun Chestplate (Side Quest: Southern Crater, Sonneteer)
  • Straw Cover (Side Quest: Outskirts, Appleseed)
  • Jousting Shield: Eternal Sun
  • Griffin Chestplate
  • Helmet of a Knight of Old
  • Buckler
  • Helmet of a Lost Knight of Bastengar

A Queen’s Tale
Find the Queen’s recorded memories

The Queen’s recorded memories are a number of collectibles that can be found by going down the Queen’s Passage.

Every Atlas Fallen Map Guide 3453

This is the location behind the castle that leads to the gate. Using that will put you in a new section of the Underground, which also contains the Lothville Crown cosmetic.

Find 20 vantage points

Vantage points are the stones you can interact with to see various collectibles on the map. There are a few more than 20, though I suggest trying to find them all to simplify things.

For locations please visit our map guide.

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