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How to Quickly Level in Disgaea 7: Vows of the Virtueless

Fans of Disgaea know most of this experience comes down to effectively leveling and maximizing your characters progression. With even level 9,999 being more of the start than the end, players will want to figure out the most effective methods to level in Disgaea 7. While there are a few strategies, largely thanks to creative mechanics and experience being easier to come by, we wanted to explain the most enjoyable way to level.

About this Guide

Unlike most guides, our Disgaea 7 power level guide does not focus on the absolute best or most effective tactics. The reason for this is due to how unenjoyable some of these can be. For example, one of the best tactics is to make a 3×3 block and constantly use buffing magic and experience boosting Evilities to level. From what I understand it takes roughly an hour to hit 9,999 once everything is in place, and while it snowballs after that point, it simply isn’t the most exciting way to play.

In addition to that, I wanted to make this guide less about the outcome and more about how it relates to the journey. Instead of just buffing until everyone is 9,999, I wanted to highlight what is required to beat the story, effective ways to get other items and more. This way you won’t spend hours doing something you might not care about and can instead use that time to enjoy campaign or post game.

Start of Game

At the start of Disgaea 7 you might find the need to grind/obtain armor to survive. This is hard to give good advice on, since there are honestly very few stages, though Gates of Ewwdo Castle is super easy to clear fast.

This is a good spot if you’re looking for a couple levels, or are struggling with a mechanic. I wouldn’t invest much time doing this, since it’s far from the most effective, just something to keep in mind if you need to grind early on.

Early Game

There are a couple quick tips to level that are accessible during chapter 3. After Beach with No Escape you should gain access to Item Worlder, which is what Disgaea 7 calls Item World.

These stages are a great way to power level in practically every direction. Just playing through a couple items that started at level 20 brought Fuji to level 153, with everyone in the experience party being in the 80 range.

Not only this, Fuji had enough mana for the optional ending, my HL was at 167,000 after healing, and over 200,000 experience at the Juice Bar. This will bring any character from level 1 to 45, though this is obviously best spent fortifying squads. Like I was able to get Boot Camp (EXP Share) and Channeling Squad (Mana Share) to level four.

The other unexpected way to progress is by using the Evil-Gacha. This is an early bill item that users points given by the Netherworld Hospital to get random gear/resources. By the time I unlocked it I had enough resources to finish the first two tiers and reached High Level.

To put it into perspective how useful this is, the best sword I can buy is a rank eight Dusk Knife with 70 attack. The Evil-Gacha at High Level can give Blue Dragon Blade, which is a rank 19 sword that starts at 373 attack. Depending on your luck you can even reach Super Level and gain access to rank 27 gear. While armor is not included, every weapon and speciality armor (belt, boots, orb, glasses, muscle) for that given tier are present. These give insane progress with just a bit of luck.

Early Progression

Once you effectively progress beyond what is reasonable at the time, pushing forward should offer little to no roadblocks. It isn’t until chapter nine that Blue Dragon Blade is obtainable via rewards, with the store offering up to rank 20 in chapter 10.. Since you’re effectively so far ahead it’s important to change tactics.

Leveling is effectively worthless at this point. With experience boosting Evilities I only gained about eight levels, bringing my Fuji to level 161. Since leveling is no longer your focus, put your main damage dealer in the Channeling Squad and set them as leader. Getting Mana Lover, Zeni Geba, Mana Collector, Pro Mana Collector, and even boosting via cheat shop will have a substantial rate on mana growth.

While I did not realize/maximize the growth rate until chapter 10, the end result was still incredibly high. Everyone in the squad received approximately 220,000 Mana by the time I finished the campaign, which is more than enough for most bills. A lot of the earlier bills can also be brute forced with money, so it shouldn’t take long to unlock all the basic stuff you could possibly want.

Two of the most important bills were unlocking the Escort Duty and Jumbificationers squads. The former makes passively exploring of Item World a lot easier, with the latter improving Jumbification.

It also helps to supplement teams with random characters. A level 128, which is the highest I can create at 161, at average quality only costs 1,699 HL. These are obviously not the best, though they can easily supplement teams or help survive later stages. I personally used them with decent gear in the Escort Duty squad and it had a substantial impact on resources gained.

Finally, the Fuji shown above was my character who I basically soloed the entire story with. The three pieces of armor were obtained from the Evil-Gacha, with the Blue Dragon Blade being a lucky score. Out of the three you might want to remove Imperial Seal for something that gives more power. I only used it because it passively heals the wearer, making it easier to survive long term.

I don’t suggest getting much more powerful than this either. Despite beating the campaign like this, enemies in the last chapter or two were almost able to kill me. It offered enough challenge to have risk, but not enough where I felt like I had to grind.


After beating a good number of stages you’ll get a bill that is something like “unlock Martial Dimension.” This is a staple location to grind and this is no exception in Disgaea 7.

Once unlocked a new location, EX: Martialgahara, will appear on your stage selection screen. Each trial offers something, though for this section you’ll want to do the first one. After it’s cleared a new version will appear that is built around grinding.

The idea is you stand on the red geopanel and defeat all the enemies with a single 3×3 area of effect skill. It’s good if you want to do it, though I instead suggest progressing a bit in the aforementioned areas.

Getting the Evil-Gacha to Overlord level will add rank 38 gear. Going back to swords, that is Dark Dagger with 1,577 attack. I would also level important items in Item World, as that will help you for the next sections. Your goal is to get around level 1,000 so you can progress to the end game grind.

Mid-Game Progression

Without going crazy it’s possible to beat Postlude: Atonement and most of Postlude: Reminiscence. With a really good tactic the latter could probably be completed, though due to the mechanics on the third stage you’re best off letting it be.

It should also be possible to brute force most Dark Assembly bills, finish a couple squads, make Item World Research Squad really powerful, and finish 20+ stages in most items.

End Game

Those familiar with Disgaea will not be surprised to find out the best grinding spot in Disgaea 7 is the final EX: Martialgahara trial. Nippon Ichi Software doubles down by making Big Bang the most effective skill to use, which you’ll need to unlock if you haven’t already.

Unlocking Big Bang

To unlock Big Bang in Disgaea 7 you must get your weapon mastery for fist up to level 50.

It goes faster the higher level enemies are, so I suggest building towards damage and beating the Final Trial as many times as it takes. I don’t have an exact count on attempts, though it was less than 57 to go from level one to 50 with Fuji.

Once Big Bang is unlocked, bring it to the highest level that you can reasonably use. If the SP exceeds what your character has, you simply won’t be able to do the move. Your goal is to also win in a single use, so even if you have 30,000 SP, it’s best to bring it to rank A.

Alternate Method: Rising Heavens

For those who didn’t go through Disgaea 7 leveling fist or want another option, there is Rising Heavens. This is for hitting level 50 with a sword and works the same basic way as Big Bang. However, there are two massive downsides to this method.

The first is while Fuji can attack twice with Two-Part Plan, it uses twice the SP as well. This makes SP a massive concern and a distinct negative in terms of power rank. Rising Heavens also lacks an element, so you’ll do less damage from that as well.

Hitting 9,999

With the equipment/stats in the level 1,763 picture I was able to get to 9,999 finishing this stage. Admittedly there was some build up, I was 3,261 by the time I did the stage at max stars (Cheat Shop setting), though figure out what your limit is and do whatever it takes to get to the point where you can one round win.

For build I had the highest attack fist, Testament, Imperial Seal, and Sophia’s Mirror. Testament was due to the Evil-Gacha legendary giving additional experience, with the rest simply being what I had with me. The big thing is honestly having the right Evility equipped.

Besides experience boosting options, I strongly suggest using the following Evility.

  • Taste of Victory (Evil-Gacha Overlord)
  • Ensure Victory (Skill Shop, Fuji)
  • Yellow Power (Pop Dem Yellows! quest)
  • Meteor Blessing (Demand for Strength quest)
  • Star Blessing (Skill Shop)
  • License Inspector (Those Vulgar Brutes quest)

After obtaining all of these Evility you should be able to one shot these enemies. If this successfully happens once, finish the stage and save.

Finally, go back to the stage and enable auto battle. While I attempted to figure out how to make the perfect build for this, the default option always used Big Bang to defeat all of these enemies anyway, so I wouldn’t sweat it.

Ideally this will end with every enemy dead in a single turn. If it does, use the auto complete for however many stages you want. This will maintain a strict 1:1 ratio with your Poltergas allowing you to instantly get up to 300 clears. In the event someone survives and it takes a second turn, simply reload your Disgaea 7 save and try again.

Unfortunately, the amount will vary, but you can keep trying incrementally to hit 9,999. However, it did not bring anyone in the fully leveled experience squad to the cap. Closest was 9,100, so it will likely require a decent investment.

Finally, for Land of Carnage it’s basically completing the same core steps just in that universe.

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