How to Unlock Carnage Dimension in Disgaea 7: Vows of the Virtueless 34543435

How to Unlock Carnage Dimension in Disgaea 7: Vows of the Virtueless

Like all modern Disgaea games, Disgaea 7 features an unlockable alternate universe located in the Land of Carnage. In this installment it’s accessible via the Carnage Guide, though the unlock requirements might take a while. To help, we wanted to write a quick guide on how to unlock Carnage Dimension in Disgaea 7.

Unlocking Postlude: Zessho

Before you can start the actual steps required to unlock Carnage Guide, you must complete Postlude: Reminiscence. For those without that, simply beat Disgaea 7 and then complete Postlude Atonement.

Upon completing this stage you’ll unlock Opener and receive the following four quests.

  • …Win Evil Prizes – Finish Overlord-Tier Evil-Gacha
  • I wanna See the Best – Clear the Super Overlord Class Hinomoto MA Tournament
  • 9,999 Moves Ahead – Super Overlord Class Demon Shogi
  • Bounty: Item God – Defeat an Item God

One should be done, though the right might take some time.

Overlord-Tier Evil Gacha
How to Unlock Carnage Dimension in Disgaea 7: Vows of the Virtueless 324523

While this should be unlocked if you followed our leveling guide, or honestly played normally, it’s one the easiest one to unlock. Simply pass the bill to unlock the Evil-Gacha, followed by finishing every level up to Overlord. Hitting 9,999 should give around 15 million RP, which is more than enough to complete this task.

Hinomoto MA Tournament

To enter the Hinomoto MA Tournament, simply head to episode four and select Netherworld Sightseeing. On the explorable map there will be a vender that allows you to enter various tournaments for a fee.

All you need to do is complete Super Overlord Class, which shouldn’t post much of a threat to a level 9,999 character. In fact, the best tactic is to give your main damage dealer as much range (shoes) as possible so you can end these stages before they even start.

Demon Shogi

Like the previous tournament, Demon Shogi is accessible by selecting Netherworld Sightseeing on episode five. Unlike the previous task, Demon Shogi is designed to teach players how Demonic Intelligence works.

Those interested in PVP will want to actually take their time with this mode, but for everyone else the solution for Super Overlord Class can be found below.

While I’d love to take credit for this tactic, it was something Japanese players figured out back when Disgaea 7 originally released. The linked site contains the solution to every puzzle if you want to completely clear the mode.

Item God

This easiest way to fight an Item God is to finish any legendary item. Ideally you’ll have something you stopped leveling because you were too weak, but now are too powerful. If not, pick the weakest thing and just get it done quickly. There isn’t much point in leveling things since you’ll get better gear after unlocking Carnage Dimension.

Finishing Postlude: Zessho

Postlude: Zessho is a lot harder than anything that has come before it. For this reason you’re likely going to need to grind. My advice is to reset your main damage dealer(s) and repeat the leveling process with them.

I finished about six stages manually, followed by skipping 110 on the highest difficulty, and hit level 9,999. It goes extremely fast, especially once you’ve done it before.

Carnage Guide

Upon finishing the stage a new vender called Carnage Guide will appear. The rest of the adventure is taking on Wanted quests and defeating the noted enemy. It will take some getting used to, though it really isn’t too bad once you get some Carnage gear from the Evil-Gacha.

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