How PVP Works in Disgaea 7: Vows of the Virtueless 34534

How PVP Works in Disgaea 7: Vows of the Virtueless

In Disgaea 7 players can finally battle against others to determine who the strongest Overlord actually is. This was somewhat unexpected, though not entirely given the success of Disgaea RPG in Japan. Given there isn’t a lot of information about this mode we wanted to do a brief overview so you know what to expect.

Is PVP Worth Participating In?

Before talking about anything else it’s important to touch on this question. To be perfectly honest the answer depends on what you’re looking for from Disgaea 7. Those who want to bring their character to the absolute peak will likely see the value in PVP immediately. It offers the greatest challenge, along with Demon Intelligence making it possible for the AI to be truly fearsome.

However, if this isn’t your thing I don’t personally think PVP is worth investing much time in. Regardless of interest it is worth doing it each season for the Poltergas alone.


Depending on your Disgaea 7 seasonal ranking you’ll receive various amounts of Poltergas, HL, and a specific treasure item. Everyone gets the Extravagant Gift, with the top 50 players getting a Bronze Trophy, top five Silver Trophy, and number one gets the Gold Trophy.

These mysterious items sound fascinating, though they’re actually not that exciting. According to Japanese Wiki pages all four items are identical besides name. I did some digging and eventually found an image of the Japanese Gold, Silver, and Bronze Trophy, which are identical to my Silver Trophy in the US version.

This means the items are more so status symbols/cosmetic and can be ignored unless that is important to you. It’s possible there is more to these items, though nothing I found or can see suggests otherwise. They’re also extremely low rank and have an Item World that starts at three.

How PVP Works

Anyone still interested in the mode will be happy to hear it’s actually pretty interesting. Like the normal game you can select up to 10 units to fight/defend you. These units can start anywhere on a 3×5 square grid.

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Here you can also name your team, test their performance, and upload. One big thing to be aware of is total battle power.

What is Total Battle Power?

To make things simpler for everyone, each character is assigned a battle power that is combined to make the total battle power. Crafty players might think to tank their score with weak units that die, though all of this information given before the match begins.

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For this reason it’s best to just create the best build possible.

What is a Match Like?

Each match plays like a normal Disgaea 7 stage. For this reason you might want to set it on auto battle as you’ll likely need to play hundreds of matches to actually end up on top.

Is There Variety?

Unsurprisingly, each season seems to be its own thing. For season zero it took place on the same map used in Shogun Family’s Showdown from chapter 13.

With season one it seems like the map is from chapter four, The Ultimate Martial Arts Tournament Begins. This is a very fitting choice that offers completely different options from the original stage. At the very least it confirms maps can and will be different.

When doing research on the trophy treasures I found posts indicating certain seasons will have restrictions as well. One person mentioned the new season was limited to men, so there will likely be a bit more to this mode than constantly battling and hoping you win.

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