Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny - Super Karma Guide

Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny – Super Karma Guide

Arguably the most important metric in Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny is karma. This determines what kind of gain you can expect from super reincarnation. But, with some things requiring literally 10 million more karma, it’s important to know the best ways to grind it over-relying on super reincarnation.

Here’s our Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny – Super Karma Guide:

Increasing Your Karma Cap

Before worrying about how much karma you have, it’s important to increase the amount of karma a character can hold. Initially, this is less than 100,000, meaning anything above that sum is lost. Thankfully, there are some really quick ways to do it.

Your first goal is going to be to get a character to level 7,500. This will unlock the D-Merit that increases your karma limit to 10 million. If you’re somewhere in the post-game, odds are getting to level 9,999 is hardly much effort, so I would just go there. For player-created characters, I’d honestly just level them to 9,999 in exchange for the 100,000 mana. Whichever route you pick, this will unlock the D-Merit.

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Before reincarnating, bring this character to an extremely high-level stage you know can be completed. I personally went to Zed’s World Again and selected Fool’s Coffin on carnage difficulty, but it can be a lower level stage. On my first turn, I sent my brand new character, with no armor, out in hope of them dying a painful death. The goal is to take at least 1 million damage in a single hit, so you unlock enough D-Merits to hit 20,000. On the aforementioned stage, my character took enough to unlock every damage D-Merit, bringing their karma to 649,764. Once your character has 8,000 or more karma, super reincarnate.

Please note, if you haven’t unlocked carnage mode yet, increase your stats until you can finish Edge of Reincarnation under Transcender’s dimension. Innocents are also invaluable.

Building your Character

At this point, you should have 8,000 karma or more and at least 5,000 mana. If you lack the mana, just go to the juice bar and give her 5,000 mana (you get more than that just bringing the character up to 9,999 through D-Merits). After this, select genius and you should get an additional 12,498 karma, which in my case brings my new character to 662,262 karma.

The only stat that needs to be selected is Lv Limit Break 1, so your character can hit level 9,999,999. Other things are worth it, though keep in mind there are no redos and you shouldn’t have enough karma to make use of Capability Limit – Carnage, so ignores it for now.

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For basic build advice, I suggest going for stats that help this unit fulfill their role and considering abilities like Movement Up 1, Throw Range Up 1, Counter-Attacks Up 1, and Jump Power Up 1 since all of these skills combined cost less than one attribute point at 137 points. But, if you’re really unsure, you can do nothing and they will keep all the karma you don’t use.

Bringing your Character to Level 500,000

Unfortunately, this is going to hinge on how much you’ve done and the best stage you can do. Even without the best build possible or following even a quarter of the things I suggested in our experience guide, I got my character to level 500,000 in about 15 minutes. This will increase your karma cap to 50 million.

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Use the Juice Bar

Believe it or not, the best use I found for the juice bar was using it as a way to exploit D-Merits. You see, every character has a number of D-Merits for using the juice bar that caps at 255. It doesn’t matter if you give a character 10 billion or one, just the number of times you do it. As a result, it might be tedious, but you’re best off increasing some random stat by one, 255 or more times. Doesn’t matter what it is, though I do suggest considering Witch class mastery for the Magic Moderation unique Evility (consume 50 percent less SP when using specials) or one of the other equally useful Evilities, plus the 130 percent additional experience.

After using the juice bar 255 times you should have a number of new D-Merits completed. This should give about 17 million karma, with another 700,000 or so coming from a genius-level reincarnation, so something in the ballpark of 18 million total.

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With this newfound wealth, I strongly suggest investing in Capability Limit – Carnage and bringing up your desired stats. This should be more than enough to vastly increase your overall power and make stages significantly easier to overcome.

Rakashasa Dimension and Beyond

Unfortunately, after this point, it comes down to playing the traditional way. Bring characters up to the cap, which at 9.9 million you get about 12 million karma, kill enemies, and progress normally. I do suggest doing some item world for a free 600,000 or so karma but beyond that, it really is just building, resetting, and then rebuilding.

Video Guide

If some of these elements are confusing, I made a brief video showcasing the basic steps. Keep in mind, the full video was about 15 minutes long, so this is a really quick and effective method for anyone interested.

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