What Can You Expect From the Start of Destiny 2: Lightfall? 1

What Can You Expect From the Start of Destiny 2: Lightfall?

With so much changing in Destiny 2: Lightfall, there are a lot of questions of what to expect when you first load the game. Some of these are basic things, such as how mods work, with others dealing with special benefits, customization cost, and so much more. For anyone with these questions, we wanted to make a brief post explaining what you can expect.

What Can You Expect From the Start of Destiny 2: Lightfall?

What Happens When you First Load In?

Like every season/expansion, you’ll start on the first expansion mission. This one is a fairly substantial run-through of Calus’ ship, with a brief look at Neptune. Most importantly, the mission ends with an opportunity to try the Strand subclass out. For anyone unsure about the expansion, or value in the subclass, you can get a good idea of what to expect from it.

Guardian Rank

The highest rank you should be able to hit at the start of Destiny 2: Lightfall is six. Odds are if you put in a sizable amount of time you’ll achieve this rank, or be very close to it. The first couple of ranks are extremely fast, like finish the A Guardian Rises quest gets you to Guardian Rank 2.

For new players you’ll likely quickly hit Guardian Rank 4, with the remaining levels taking a fair amount of time to achieve.

Guardian Rank 7 requires a lot more, though it shouldn’t take too long for more experienced players. I would wager a week is enough to finish it, with some really hardcore players doing it in a couple days. Unfortunately, levels beyond seven are not currently known. Most likely it will keep asking more of players, with 10 or 11 being the truly difficulty things.


Mods are a lot more straightforward with Destiny 2: Lightfall. The menu was updated to look like the Appearance Customization menu, with everything being extremely easy to view, and understand.

Most armor will have four slots, with Artifice (Master Dungeons) giving an additional slot.

These perks give three additional points in any given character stat. Despite the small gain, these perks have no cost, making them extremely valuable for build customization.

Beyond that some perks are less impressive, such as Powerful Friends losing the mobility boost, and a lot of consolidation. It’s nice to see Special/Heavy ammo finder instead of a specific weapon type. These also note multiple copies stack, though the second mod simply increases the amount given, with Exotic weapons gaining additional benefit.

Several of these stats were also changed, like the difference between level nine and 10 resilience is 3 percent, which will likely change how people approach these stats. Though, overall it’s a huge improvement towards making the system accessible, and useful.

The weapon page simply shows which perks are active on your weapons. These are useful, though you’ll likely rarely, if ever, look at this page.


One of the biggest changes with Destiny 2: Lightfall is the addition of Loadouts. Those at level six will have six total options, with the remaining four being unlocked by finishing a legendary Lost Sector solo without dying.

Each loadout keeps track of each option, with the arrow keys allowing you to change the icon, name, and color. These have a good amount of variety, making it extremely easy to immediately know what each option does.


These enemies have been something of a bane to more experienced players, since a lot of randoms would not be able to deal with them effectively.

These now have icons on the main character page to indicate how they’re stunned, along with indicators that show which you’re capable of stunning.

When perks are active they will now glow, making it a lot easier to understand.

At this point you’re ready to start the campaign, work on the seasonal quest, or just experience your favorite events.

New Fragments

After finishing the initial offerings, head to Ikora for a couple new fragments.

There should be two fragments per class, offering a fair amount of new options to play with.

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