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Top Tips to Win Matches In Dragon Ball: The Breakers

Learning to play Dragon Ball: The Breakers can be an uphill battle. While the prologue teaches some fundamentals, it isn’t enough if you want to be successful against a remotely competent raider. Having played a sizable amount, we wanted to give players the top tricks we learned to help them master Dragon Ball: The Breakers.

Top Tips to Win Matches In Dragon Ball: The Breakers


Contribute to Finding and Activating the Keys

There are two ways to win a match in Dragon Ball: The Breakers. You can either defeat the raider or activate the time machine. Unfortunately, the only way to consistently win is to find the keys and activate the time machine.

What a lot of players don’t realize is how easy this is to do. While finding the keys can take some time, it helps to remember where caves are and use the dragon radar. After that, it’s straightforward to finish the objective. First off, once the key is found, anyone on the team can activate it. So if you see the letter in full color, that indicates the key was found. After that, simply look for the glowing pillar, like the one pictured above. It can easily be seen from a distance and will always lead you to the activation point.

Breakable Items Might Contain Resources

The various boxes, chairs, tables and what have you can be destroyed for various resources. This might not be a massive boost in power, though it can easily be the difference between level one and two or finding a dragon radar and turning the tide.

Multiple People Speeds Up The Process

Most activities involve a wait time. The most concerning is the final time machine or revive, though it also applies to keys, survivors and more. If you see someone working on one of these and the raider isn’t nearby, you’re better off assisting them to complete it faster.

The Saiyan Pod Remote is Extremely Useful

Not only is the Saiyan Pod Remote an extremely useful way to escape from a raider, it can quickly transport you from one location to another. This is extremely valuable for runs where you need to find a single key and it’s on the other side of the map or just getting to the right area without getting lost.

Add Active Friends

In addition to giving the fusion emotes, adding friends can yield a surprisingly high number of rewards.

This was my inbox after going to sleep and it contained enough Spirit Siphon tickets for 11 pulls. Getting more pulls and characters will give skills and resources that can make battles much easier.


Always Have One Dragon Ball

One of the easiest ways to lose is to have someone collect all the Dragon Balls and then defeat you. However, as long as you have at least one in your possession, it isn’t possible for the survivors to use them without getting the one from you.

The Dragon Ball Tracker Can Track Survivors

Generally speaking, most survivors are going to collect any Dragon Balls they find. Even if they don’t use them, it will prevent the raider from having them all and also let others know when all of them are found. However, since the dragon tracker will show where they are, even if someone is holding them, it can be used to track survivors who have one in their possession.

Know Your Win Conditions

It might be a lot of fun going around and defeating each survivor, sometimes destroying their objective is the better play. Not only is this a lot simpler, a lot of times the health is low enough where you could defeat it faster than a high level survivor.

While this covers some of the better tips we discovered, if you think we missed something or have another suggestion, feel free to leave it in the comment section below.

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