How to Defeat Champion Victor in Lies of P 43534

How to Defeat Champion Victor in Lies of P

Lies of P does a great job of making each fight challenging for its own reason. Sometimes you need elemental damage, a different weapon, and in the case of Champion Victor, a completely different tactic. Instead of blocking through some of the most challenging moves, Champion Victor pushes players to play aggressively and dodge through his assault. However, just because he packs a punch doesn’t mean you can’t overwhelm him your own way.

How to Defeat Champion Victor in Lies of P

Suggested Build

For this fight it helps to have Patience Amulet, Carcass Butcher’s Amulet, LADA F250 Frame, Belford Superior Radiation Converter, LADA Shock Cartridge, and Belford Spaced Armor Liner. If you’re too heavy, I would also throw in Carrier’s Amulet as this fight is more about your defensive abilities than offensive.

The most important thing for this build is Acidic Crystal Spear. This is found in chapter four after killing the mini-boss and entering the large field. Once you have it increase the power as high as it can go since this dagger has very little attack.

For Legion Arm you’ll want either Pandemonium or Aegis. Out of the two I think Aegis is the better option, though it has the distinct disadvantage of leaving you open to his attacks after a good number of hits.

Defeating Champion Victor

Base Form

At first glance you probably thought Champion Victor was Lies of P‘s take of Bane. I normally wouldn’t go there, but his second phase is basically what you’d expect from, well, Bane. But before worrying about that you need to get the base form to 50 percent.

Surprisingly, this is the hardest part of the fight. Champion Victor likes combos, so you need to figure out when it’s safe and take a couple shots. Acidic Crystal Spear is amazing for getting in there, poking him three times, and then dodging away. I found it was best to use Aegis to tank some of his attacks, though you can’t rely on anything besides memory to best him.

How to Defeat Champion Victor in Lies of P 34534

Another thing to keep in mind is his health is relatively fixed to the 50 percent mark. I wouldn’t go for a risky Fatal Attack or use a Fable Art if you’re close. It’s better to save that for later or just not risk the damage.

Empowered Form

Champion Victor’s second phase involves injecting the solution into his body and increasing his overall power. This fight can be incredibly difficult, simply because he can do an obscene amount of damage in a moment. However, he is really easy if you remain mid-range.

For the most part Champion Victor will do one of three moves when he is in mid-range. He will either leap at you, rush towards you, or slam the ground. This does not prevent his other moves, they simply become less likely. Due to the initial range you have on him, it’s also a lot easier to keep a safe distance.

How to Defeat Champion Victor in Lies of P 43534

Ideally he will maintain his rush, leap, backhand rotation. When you see the rush you need to be prepared to dodge roll to the side three times in a row. After that, if you’re a sizable distance away, he loves to close the gap with a leap. After three hits he will almost always try to backhand you, which if you’re not greedy is easy to avoid and return to your original distance.

The only thing that sucks about this method is it’s very long. I believe I went through the rotation roughly 20 times. Once you get good at it the fight is just a matter of time. Even if you make a mistake, the rotation is easy enough to fix. You’ll also generate healing items along the way making it even easier to mitigate a couple mistakes. But as long as you play smart and don’t get greedy you should win if you can do this and get him to 30 percent health since the rotation becomes increasingly common the lower his health is.

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