How to Defeat Zhang Jiao in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty 1

How to Defeat Zhang Jiao in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

After a rough Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty stage, the level concludes with a fight against Zhang Jiao. This fight builds on the more magical side of things, though isn’t as difficult as getting there. That being said, there are a lot of little things that can make this fight go from a nightmare, to a joke.

How to Defeat Zhang Jiao in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Set Up

This stage has up to level three materials, and a blacksmith at the very start of the stage. It’s easy to forget about her, but heading back to boost your stats is invaluable for surviving Zhang Jiao.

There is also a Dragon Vein Crystal to the left of the bonefire just before the boss. It’s helpful to have, especially since the guardians you’ll likely defeat on the pathway there anyway.

Finally, if you’re unsure of your dodging skills, Zhang Jiao uses lightning (wood) and wind (earth) based attacks. High defense in both helps a lot, with earth being the more valuable of the two.

Defeating Zhang Jiao

While this is another single phase boss battle, it’s very hectic like Zhang Bao. Thankfully, almost all of his attacks are ranged, making it extremely easy to get close to punish him.

The best tactic is to be aware of what he is doing. If he is casting, simply avoid the illuminated sports/tornados, and deal damage to him. For melee attacks it helps to have range, or be ready to deflect. Ideally he will do his grab critical attack, as deflecting that will vastly reduce the number of attacks he can do.

As long as you play smart, and don’t get too aggressive, you shouldn’t have many issues with him.

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