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How to Defeat Aoye in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

It’s rather fitting that the boss for a really tedious and annoying Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty stage features the same traits. Some of this has to do with Hong Jing, who is far less capable as a companion than previous allies, though bosses with long range sweeping attacks are generally unenjoyable. Aoye doubles down on this by having attacks to defend its sides, but these quirks can be exploited to make the fight a lot easier.

How to Defeat Aoye in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Set Up

I strongly suggest finding every banner before this fight, and getting your morale as high as possible. It will make things a lot easier, and more importantly, quickly defeat this boss.

Beyond that, Qinglong helps a lot to tank its attacks, as does higher damage weapons. Aoye is not a fast moving boss, nor is it an extremely high damage boss, so this type of tactic works really well. Absorb Vitality is also useful for this very reason.

Before engaging the boss, make sure to get the Dragon’s Cure Pot upgrade located above the final banner.

Defeating Aoye

Your goal should be to get behind Aoye and deal as much damage as possible. This will either immediately give you aggression, or it will mindlessly fail to hit you by attacking its sides. This tactic will not only make it easier to control Aoye, it prevents Hong Jing from getting killed before she can do something.

Unlike previous bosses, I don’t suggest looking for deflects on critical hits. You should do them whenever possible, especially since they’re pretty easy to get, they’re just so infrequent.

After dealing a critical blow Aoye will use ice based attacks around its front. I would move to the side to ensure you get some additional damage, though playing defensively also works if you’re low on health.

Finally, if you’re doing well, or just need a final push, activating Qinglong can revive/heal Hong Jing. It’s a great tip for saving a fight that starts to go south.

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