How to Defeat Baishe in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

How to Defeat Baishe in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Following another less than enjoyable Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty stage is a rather rough mini-boss. Baishe doesn’t have many attacks, though like Aoye, she can hit a wide range. It also doesn’t help that her random poison puddles make Cao Cao completely useless. Despite her strengths, she has some notable weaknesses that you can exploit to win.

How to Defeat Baishe in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Set Up

Going into this fight you want to be at least morale level eight. Anything lower and she will out level you, making this a much harder fight than it needs to be. In addition to that, poison gear makes her various attacks a lot easier to tank.

This is another fight where you’ll want Quinglong as your summon, along with a fast attack weapon.

Defeating Baishe

Due to the poison she spits and wide area she attacks, Cao Cao will almost certainly die. It helps to revive him, though he won’t provide much help no matter how many times you save him.

As for fighting Baishe, she likes to use her tail sweep. This is easily deflected, leaving her open to a couple attacks. Since she seems to rarely use her two critical strikes, I strongly suggest an aggressive assault using a quick weapon like dual swords. Provided you remain somewhat defensive, you shouldn’t have any issues defeating her at the right morale level. And, in the event you do, grinding morale is more than enough to best her.

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