How to Beat Evil Dead: the Game's Mission Mode 1

How to Beat Evil Dead: the Game’s Mission Mode

Contrary to the name, Evil Dead: the Game‘s mission mode acts as a campaign. There isn’t much story, almost certainly due to it being a late game addition, though it does contain some important unlockables that players will want in the versus mode. However, many players find mission mode to be a struggle and it makes a lot of sense.

The arguably poorly balanced mode relies heavily on the type of skills and tactics that make someone successful in the other mode. The problem is that it punishes practically any mistake, with several missions almost going out of its way to make things more difficult for players. This could be a nearly impossible challenge without obtaining a specific weapon or punishing players for things games even a decade ago did better. Thankfully, our suffering has resulted in a guide to make things a lot easier for you.

How to Beat Evil Dead: the Game’s Mission Mode

Basic Information

While this guide will explain key elements to winning, I strongly suggest checking out each and every building, along with figuring out what works for you. I’ve noticed there is some level of RNG, though how much is intended or just glitches is anyone’s guess, so you might find a legendary weapon I missed on one run, but might not exist on another. This guide will include a few of those, like I’ve seen the revolver in It’s Not Gonna Let Us Go not spawn in the first room, but will largely avoid that.

In addition to that, there were paths and tactics that I used that will vary based off your own positioning and luck. I’ve done several paths getting tons of powerful enemies and others without any, which I will not mention for that reason.

Also, in case you missed the tutorial explaining it, maxing fear will result in an instant failure. To avoid this, stand by light. This goes faster if you create a light source, but if you’re not timed you’re better off standing in a building.

If You Love Someone, Set Them Free… With A Chainsaw

The first chapter is among the easiest, though it only goes well if you follow your own path. By this I mean, there are a lot of houses you pass, but don’t actually go into. The mission is doable without entering any of them, though they often have resources that make the fight against Henrietta a lot easier.

Beyond that, there is a fairly easy to miss purple chainsaw before getting the shovel and a legendary gun and melee weapon in the building before heading back to the shed.

In the event Henrietta is giving you issues, she is a lot easier if you bait, dodge and then heavy attack or reload before attacking. Success hinges on how well you rotate over the amount of resources you actually obtain.

Party Down!

Party Down is the mission that made me think of dated gameplay mechanics. Instead of having the number of beers you have tied to how the game reacts, each beer has a predetermined event associated with collecting it. The best tactic is to loot the bar, taking the revolver and shovel, followed by collecting that beer, going left and then move clockwise. If this is confusing, you can find the rotation and what spawns below.

  1. No Enemies
  2. No Enemies (Elite in the building)
  3. Nine Enemies (Two elites; One with low health)
  4. One Elite (Substantial health)
  5. 10 Enemies (One elite with minimal health)

By going this route you should use less resources, which gives ample supplies to collect the final beer and win the mission. Especially since area five is harder than three and four.

If you’re still having issues with this stage, there is a chance a legendary bow and pistol will spawn in the Royal Oak Cemetery. If nothing else they’re a good way to conserve ammo or maximize resources in other areas.

Kill ‘Em All

For many this is the hardest chapter and it makes sense. You’re timed, there is a lot that can go wrong and it requires some very specific items to have even a remote chance of winning.

Section One

In the first section it’s possible to get 30 shotgun shells, three health items and two amulets. There might be even more that I missed, though my suggestion is to memorize where the health items are and speed run to them, followed by getting in the car once you have 20+ ammo.

Ideal Starting Loadout
Section Two

Avoid as much damage to the car and leave it far enough where it can easily drive down the left path. I suggest looking for rifts and just shooting as many enemies as possible. The faster they die, the better. This isn’t because you need to, the enemies are actually pretty weak, they will just eat up a lot of time and their explosions can kill you.

After they’re dead, the two sections above have a fair amount of ammo to replace whatever you use.

Section Three

Near the next objective is a small covered workbench area, pictured above, with ammo and melee weapons. I suggest the axe, though it’s your call. Not getting this weapon is almost a guaranteed wipe. Upon collecting your weapon and more ammo if needed, run to the marker to start the fight.

This area has fewer enemies, though you’ll encounter a Demi-Eligos, which are resistant to ranged attacks. In addition to that, they can make copies (said copies can be shot), along with use lightning attacks. The trick is to wait for attacks, avoid and then heavy attack it with your melee weapon. Depending on your luck, this can kill them in a couple hits, but even if it doesn’t, just make sure to follow your rotation.

After clearing, collect the remaining ammo and then go to the next area.

Section Four

Depending on how the previous areas went, you might want to return to the starting area to collect the last health item. If you’re only down one, just head to the final area, go south and you’ll find the one pictured below. This can also be collected without triggering the next fight.

As for the boss, even though it looks the same as a Demi-Eligos, it’s actually an Eligos. These enemies can be shot, so the trick is to figure out where it is and not get overwhelmed. This is actually easier than it sounds. Most obstacles can block the Eligos’ attacks, allowing you to focus on the three peons that spawn. If you’re fast enough it actually maintains a pretty doable rotation. Eligos moves, enemy spawns, Eligos attacks, enemy attacks, kill enemy and repeat.

It’s Not Gonna Let Us Go!

This mission isn’t impossible, though it’s long and has a lot of near instant ways to fail. For this reason I am going to try and guide you through it as best I can.

Initial Building

Despite not being required, the initial building contains multiple guns and ammo, which is essential to beating even the first section. Out of all the weapons in there I like the revolver and suggest leaving if it doesn’t spawn in the kitchen (it happened once for me). Don’t leave until you have a reserve of 15 bullets.

Section One

I found no trick to this section. Basically, pick an enemy, shoot them and hope it kills them. Try to pick off as many as possible as they advance. Eventually this will no longer work, so move to a melee and then shoot strategy or just melee. After killing them all there should be two boxes of pistol ammo and the objective. If you’re marginally lucky, one of the enemies or the camp will have a white melee weapon, which I strongly suggest looking for.

Section Two

Driving the car down the main path to the next objective will result in a fight before the actual encounter. I suggest doing it now, since you’ll need to head across the road after the getting the item anyway.

For the drive fight, go a decent bit above where the objective is and exit the car to make a stand. Ideally these enemies can be shot, but some will probably make it to you. If you obtained a melee weapon, it’s three hits to finish and you’re best off doing the finisher to prevent them from exploding. After they’re dead, you’ll likely trigger two more enemies on the path to the objective that I suggest killing since you should run out of stamina before reaching the building.

As for the actual encounter, enemies will generally come directly for you. I suggest hanging out in the back of the building looking out the front door to shoot them. If you’re really lucky they will get stuck trying to walk up the stairs and can be easily shot or killed with melee. Another common, but RNG drop, is a health item that I suggest looking for. After they’re dead, head out the hallway in the back for some pistol ammo, move right and collect the objective.

Section Three

At this point you’ll be told to enter the building across the way. What I suggest doing is walking in there, immediately looking right and seeing if you see a blue light. If you’re lucky this will be a machete that makes short work of most enemies, with the added bonus of not engaging a fight if you hug the wall. Once the item is obtained or confirmed not there, exit and head to the marker.

The first one should lead you to a building with the objective and health item without much hassle beyond a basic enemy or five. For the next one, it’s possible to avoid all the Demi-Eligos enemies, though I suggest engaging the one in front of the building with the objective. This is why having that melee weapon is so important and should quickly kill them like the previous chapter. If the melee weapon did not spawn, there is typically one inside that building that can be used to make quick work of it. Just keep in mind getting it will probably alert it.

As for the second building, it’s a massive resupply that should have all the initial guns, plus a couple more, along with an amulet and a few healing items. I don’t suggest changing guns and collecting as many resources as possible.

Meeting Ash

Ash is being held in a gas station pretty close to your location. The goal is to get to him for a rescue, though how you approach this situation will make or break the run. Unless you want to fight multiple Demi-Eligos, head in via the back. There will be a single normal demon, with an absurd amount of health, that can either be ignored or attacked. I personally suggest getting a heavy attack with their back turned as it should be an instant kill. If not, they’re easy to just combo lock. I only do this because you eventually return to this area before the stage ends and the gas station is a great place to reduce your fear before the final bit.

Collecting Gas

Before you can leave with Ash you need to collect three gas canisters from different locations. Thankfully, this sounds harder than it actually is.

For the first section, get ready to fight four or six enemies before entering the camp. Once in the camp, this can be done via stealth with no real effort by just hugging the left wall and then walking directly to the objective. Repeating the path should also get you out without causing a fight. Please note, alerting one enemy will result in a fight with them all, so I strongly advise against it.

Since the second canister doesn’t have a fight, difficulty hinges on what you alert along the way. This will most likely be roughly two enemies, though it is possible to make it there without a fight. Before leaving the building, make sure to resupply on ammo. At this point it’s possible to have full pistol ammo, which is a massive advantage for the remainder of the mission.

This is the same boss as the previous stage, just without the enemies and more obstacles to block its attacks. Like before, let their attacks hit an object and then open fire.

Car Escape

There are three ways to easily fail this mission that you might encounter. One is alerting the Demi-Eligos before getting in the car, something that can be avoided by just being further away; another is fear, which is why I suggested killing the enemy behind the gas station so you can stand in the light for as long as need; with the last being an off-road adventure. The simplest, easiest and best way to do this section is to just follow the road in the direction you think it wants you to do. If a bunch of enemies spawn on the road, that confirms you’re on the right path and it’s simply making it to the end to win.

Homecoming King

To be perfectly honest, this mission isn’t that difficult, it’s just extremely cheap. A lot of enemies spawn, they have shields that will block projectiles and a lot of places have tight arenas that punish you for even thinking about exploring. Thankfully, these are design choices that are taken into consideration and something that can be overcame with good tactics.

Starting Area

In the starting area there is a bow and melee weapon, along with some ammo, amulet and other useful resources. Loot this area, go to the Circus Cages, shoot the two enemies in the cabin and loot that as well. This should give you a decent amount of ammo, at least one amulet and healing item, along with some okay weapons. Head back to the Lucky Valley Lodge and figure out where the objective is.

Find the Kandarian Dagger

In my experience it’s in one of two different places. Either you need to go to the Fishing Village or Flight 666. Depending on the answer, I suggest different tactics.

Fishing Village

Drive the car down to the Fishing Village, kill the one enemy waiting up front, use an amulet and then run straight to the dagger. The goal is to get it as soon as possible, ignore every enemy and then rush to the car.

At this point the objective should be The Knowby Cabin, but you want to head to the Sewage Treatment Plant next to it. There, by the car, you’ll find ammo, purple melee weapon, legendary crossbow, matches and a healing item. Collect these, kill any enemies and then head to the objective.

Flight 666

Instead of heading to the objective, go to the Sewage Treatment Plant and collect the ammo, purple melee weapon, legendary crossbow, matches and a healing item by the car. After collecting these and killing any enemies, head to the objective, collect it as quickly as possible ignoring any enemies, followed by going straight to the next objective.

Defending the Necronomicon

Getting this objective grants access to the cabin. This means it can be looted for an amulet and some other things, but the most important thing is not touching the axe. Doing so will summon an enemy that is pretty powerful and absolutely not worth the hassle. To my knowledge, everything else in the cabin is okay to loot/use.

Don’t Touch

Starting this fight will summon a couple enemies that will eventually rush you. In my experience, all but two enemies come from the front, so keep an eye on both paths in the cabin until those two enemies are defeated. My main suggestion is to just use heavy attacks and spam finishers. If done correctly, it will prevent the enemy from attacking and either kill the foe or leave it weakened. This is how you want to approach every skeleton from this point forward, besides the horned ones that appear after the next section.

Evil Ash 1

This is a fight you can’t win, but can lose. I suggest killing enemies and just avoiding Evil Ash. Eventually he will leave with a screen telling you to obtain your sword to defeat him. Please note, I’ve used healing items that were interrupted by this message and lost them, so try to avoid using them if you can.

Evil Ash’s Location
Collecting the Sword

Exit via the side opposite of the portal. There should be a car located nearby that can be used to drive to where the objective is. The goal should be to kill the four skeletons and then enter the building to get the sword. My advice is to use your ammo to kill as many enemies as possible, especially horned skeletons, before heading straight to the house.

Some things to keep in mind. Every skeleton will have a fair amount of enemies that spawn by them that you’ll likely have to deal with. There is also a healing item by one of them and a lot of the enemies will drop ammo for your bow.

Upon entering the house, there are a couple notable things in there. If you want to switch weapons, there is a legendary blunderbuss on the top level, though I don’t advise collecting it. There is also some ammo that is useful to have, along with an amulet and healing item. Collect what you want, pick up the sword and then return to the portal.

Getting Back to the Portal

Unfortunately, I didn’t figure out a great tactic to getting to the portal. If you’re lucky you can use the car located in front of the house to get there, but I found it hard to get it outside of that area and just ran it. I would pop an amulet, run until I was out of stamina, watch for enemies and repeat.

After dropping down, instead of heading into the portal you want to head north. There will be a healing item, some ammo and another amulet. There will likely also be an enemy that needs to be killed, so keep an eye out.

Boss 1

Use your amulet and enter the area. There will be a fight against a demon that can be very costly if you’re not careful. Avoid their attack and counter with a heavy hit or two. The goal should be to get a finisher before running out of stamina to maintain momentum. Thankfully, they do the same move each and every time making it really easy to anticipate their moves. Killing them will give a healing item and amulet. Pick these up, use the amulet if you need it and get ready for your last stand.

Evil Ash 2

This is the moment that will determine if you win or lose, so try to play it safe and use items if you need them. At the start, shoot the two adds that Evil Ash spawns and then get ready to engage him.

Your goal should be very similar to the previous fight. Bait his sword attack, dodge both hits and punish. You likely won’t get a single finisher on him, so make sure to plan around that. It doesn’t take too many hits to defeat Evil Ash, something like 10, so keep up your rotation and push him as fast as possible.

Once he is defeated you’re done with all the missions… for now.

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