How to Obtain Poisoned Eye in Wizard with a Gun 3453

How to Obtain Poisoned Eye in Wizard with a Gun

Progressing in Wizard with a Gun can be somewhat difficult. There isn’t an explanation of where certain items are obtained, nor is there a guide to what is and is not worthwhile. Some of these things can also be obtained through sheer luck, making their location even harder to understand. Those who look at the tool tip will be told how to obtain these things, but for everyone else we wanted to simplify things by explaining how to obtain poisoned eyes in Wizard with a Gun.

Why Do you Want Poisoned Eyes

Before explaining how to get poisoned eyes, it’s important to understand why you’d want it in Wizard with a Gun. This resource is used to make the Poison Research Station, which gives access to the Cauldron to make more potent potions, and Disease Research Station where you can make Fear Bullets.

How to Obtain Poisoned Eye in Wizard with a Gun 3454

Poison Bullets are not the most useful bullet, but they do have a nice damage over time effect. Great for enemies that run since they’ll slowly take damage. This is also true for fire, but unlike fire this can’t backfire on you. It also makes it easier to prepare more high level damage options than simply relying on fire, as it’s the simplest weapon type to unlock.

How to Obtain Poisoned Eyes

Unlike ice chunks, it’s somewhat complicated to unlock Poisoned Eyes. In addition to not dropping from Chaos enemies, Mechana class also doesn’t seem to give them. This means you’ll want to focus on enemies like Jynx, as they can drop them.

How to Obtain Poisoned Eye in Wizard with a Gun 34534

I did not figure out an exhausted list of enemies that can or can’t, so I suggest trying it out. Like I was consistently getting them from specific enemies like Billycorn Kids or Jynx, instead of a specific area.

How to Obtain Poisoned Liver

While I did not create an exhaustive list, these seem to fall in line with matching what the default drop is. Since a Jynx drops a Jynx Eye, it also drops Poisoned Eye. Similarly, Billycorn and Bill drop Phibb Gall, which becomes a Poisoned Liver when they’re afflicted with poison.

How to Obtain Poisoned Eye in Wizard with a Gun 34534

This makes things somewhat more complicated, though it also opens the door to easier unlocks since everything isn’t tied to the zone in question.

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