How to Obtain Ice Chunk in Wizard with a Gun 234523

How to Obtain Ice Chunk in Wizard with a Gun

Progressing in Wizard with a Gun can be somewhat difficult. There isn’t an explanation of where certain items are obtained, nor is there a guide to what is and is not worthwhile. Some of these things can also be obtained through sheer luck, making their location even harder to understand. Those who look at the tool tip will be told how to obtain these things, but for everyone else we wanted to simplify things by explaining how to obtain ice chunks in Wizard with a Gun.

Why Do you Want Ice Chunks

Before explaining how to get ice, it’s important to understand why you’d want it in Wizard with a Gun. This resource is used to make the Alchemist Frost Research station, which gives access to the Evaporator to make water, and Physics Research Station where you can make Force Bullets.

How to Obtain Ice Chunk in Wizard with a Gun 34534

Cold Bullets are also useful in The Fell since it can freeze the water to prevent taking damage, and Freezing Bullets make it easier to scan targets. It also makes it easier to prepare more high level damage options than simply relying on fire, as it’s the simplest weapon type to unlock.

How to Obtain Ice Chunks

The trick to unlock ice chunks is to simply kill enemies with cold bullets. Any enemy afflicted with this debuff should drop this resource to use. Due to its more specific nature it’s possible to never obtain any through natural play. This is how Poison Bullets work as well.

How to Obtain Ice Chunk in Wizard with a Gun 3454

Unlike other resources, excess ice chunks are still useful since they can be used with the aforementioned Evaporator to make water, a resource used in a number of other recipes.

How to Obtain Toxic Ice

While toxic ice sounds complicated to obtain, just like crystal ice, the unlock is actually pretty simple. Instead of tying the resource to specific outcomes, so you don’t need a poison ice kill to get toxic ice, they’re associated with enemy tiers.

How to Obtain Ice Chunk in Wizard with a Gun 34534

Enemies in The Imperium give ice chunks, The Fell are toxic ice, The Frozen Wastes gives crystal ice, and you get the point.

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