How to Complete Starcrossed in Destiny 2 3453

How to Complete Starcrossed in Destiny 2

This week the highly anticipated Destiny 2 exotic mission Starcrossed finally released. This means players can now obtain the suspend bow Wish-Keeper, along with overcoming a new series of challenges. Since this quest is part of the narrative, so you’ll naturally unlock access through story, finishing it requires a little skill.

Suggested Build

Starcrossed generally lacks timers, or other things that force players into a specific build. Instead, building towards single target damage is going to be your best option. There are a lot of mini-boss enemies with a lot of health that you’ll want to be able to quickly kill. Adds are also somewhat common, but outside of a couple areas not overly important to worry about.

Fireteam Finder

This mission, like all Destiny 2 exotic quests, does not feature matchmaking. However, those up for the challenge can launch fireteam finder to locate a group.

How to Complete Starcrossed in Destiny 2 3453

To find a match, or host one, simply go seasonal, followed by Season of the Wish, Starcrossed, and desired difficulty.

First Encounter

During the first encounter you’re introduced to the first mechanic, Sire’s Obligation.

How to Complete Starcrossed in Destiny 2 34534

It’s obtained from the well pictured above, and gives you the ability to damage enemies, and see what each locations symbol is.

How to Complete Starcrossed in Destiny 2  34534

To open the gate you must kill the bosses in a specific order. This can be figured out by looking at the exit, followed by the location above where the enemy spawns (the one where I am standing is bird). Once all three are killed in the correct order the gate will open.

Encounter Two

The second encounter adds a new mechanic, Dam’s Gift, which allows you to pass through red doors. What you need to do is get the buff, followed by entering each of the doors killing the special enemies behind them. Please note, losing the buff while behind the gate will deal damage to you and eventually result in your death.

Encounter Three

For the third encounter the two mechanics are combined.

How to Complete Starcrossed in Destiny 2  34534

You can start by getting Dam’s Gift at the start, followed by Sire’s Obligation near the exit gate. Getting both will merge the buffs into Crowned by Dragons, and going forward either pool will restart the timer.

How to Complete Starcrossed in Destiny 2 34534

Once you know the pattern, which is again found above the exit, you need to look around to find the enemies you need to kill. A nice touch is the icon is visible without entering the orange gate, so don’t overthink it and just kill whatever is needed.

Akardon, Pitless Mind

Finishing this area will unlock Arkardon, Pitless Mind. This boss simply requires the previous buffs, and is more about staying alive in the gauntlet than anything else. If you do find yourself struggling, both buffs are located right before the entrance, making it easy to pop in/out if you need to.


Killing Arkardon will unlock the path to a chest that gives the exotic bow, which immediately allows you to craft it, and a fantastic cutscene. I strongly suggest listening to all the dialogue before doing it.

How to Complete Starcrossed in Destiny 2 34534

What’s Next?

It’s not currently known how to unlock the additional upgrades for Wish-Keeper. Players have reported Legendary clears do not currently unlock the Catalysts, along with the bow mentioning this stuff is not currently available.

Guardians who complete the mission will discover a new Exotic Strand Bow named Wish-Keeper (which is also craftable), and with each weekly mission completion players can earn weapon intrinsics to customize their gameplay.

Destiny 2 Press Release

Based off the press release the additional unlocks are currently time gated. It’s not known if weekly mission means complete the mission itself weekly, or story progress, but whatever the answer is we should learn what it is next week. This should also apply for the catalyst, though Bungie might’ve delayed that to encourage normal clears for newcomers.

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