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Marvel’s Wolverine Cast Leaked and More Update: Roadmap Also Leaked

Last week CyberDaily reported Insomniac Games was hit with a ransomware attack from the Rhysida group. This claim was backed up with various images, including one suggesting they had content from Insomniac Games upcoming game, Marvel’s Wolverine.

Following that, a surprising post appeared on 4Chan’s video game board simply titled “Wolverine Leaks.” This massive leak included a wide variety of details about the upcoming game, including images of Wolverine, various other characters included, gameplay, and more.

This leak also potentially revealed the full cast of characters that will appear in Marvel’s Wolverine, along with their voice talent, and some insight on who each of these characters are.

It’s not currently known how much more was taken, or will be revealed, but it’s possible other details about Marvel’s Wolverine, or other projects in development at Insomniac Games will be leaked in the coming days.

Update: Following our original post the timeline for projects through 2035 was leaked as well. These include seven games, two of which were unnamed, along with more intimate details about Marvel’s partnership.

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