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Exoprimal Season 3 Now Live; Teases Season 4

Exoprimal season 3 is now available for download, which includes new boss fights, cosmetics, events, and more.

As previously revealed, season 3 adds the highly anticipated Rathalos fight. This is an uncommon fight that can sometimes appear during Dino Survival matches. Like Monster Hunter, players need to follow tracks that eventually lead to the impressive 10 player boss fight.

Like the last collaboration, only the Rathalos armor can be unlocked for free.

Exoprimal x Monster Hunter Collaboration 

This week, monster tracks will begin appearing in Dino Survival matches. After collecting a number of tracks, players will trigger a special Monster Hunter mission. In this scenario, Exofighters will take on Rathalos, the iconic fire-breathing wyvern known as the “King of the Skies,” and hordes of Velociprey in a co-op boss fight alongside a hunting party of 10 players.
The crossover also features special cosmetic sets inspired by the monsters and hunter armor from Monster Hunter. Exofighters can suit up in a Rathalos armor skin for Murasame, a Kirin armor skin for Skywave, a Nergigante armor skin for Barrage, and a Rajang monster skin for Roadblock. These cosmetic sets also include a variety of Monster Hunter-themed emotes, charms, decals, and Comm Wheel stamps.

Capcom Press Release

Joining Rathalos is the second Neo boss fight, Neo Triceratops. Similar to the previous Neo T-Rex fight, teams of 10 need to work together to overcome a new overwhelming threat.

Neo Triceratops Boss Fight

Rathalos isn’t the only boss fight debuting in Exoprimal Season 3. A Neo Triceratops is also being summoned to the wargames for another exciting 10-player co-op battle! This massive creature has grown and mutated to gain unnatural strength. It can strike foes from a distance by shooting out spikes and has the power to enlarge its horns when charging into melee. Exofighters will need to work together under a respawn limit to overcome this fearsome new opponent.

Capcom press Release

Four new Beta Exosuits are also available to help tackle these new threats. Each suit can be unlocked by getting the Alpha version to level 10, or immediately through $4 per character purchase.

  • Deadeye Beta: Energy MG – This model is equipped with an energy machine gun that can continue firing suppressive fire without reloading so long as it doesn’t overheat.
  • Barrage Beta: Fire Spray – This variant’s flamethrower annihilates enemies at range with a devastating inferno.
  • Roadblock Beta: Counter Shield – This suit’s shield absorbs damage and unleashes it as a powerful ranged counterattack.
  • Skywave Beta: Lifeline – Healing allies enables this suit to acquire energy that can be used to form protective barriers that can safeguard the team from damage.
Capcom Press Release

A new jungle map is available to make combat a bit more diverse. Along with it, until Jan. 22 players can earn double experience by playing Exoprimal. Following that will be a Lunar New Years event where players can earn Lion Dance hats. This will run from Jan. 31 to Feb. 12. Immediately after will be a Valentine’s Day event with chocolate costumes that run between Feb. 13 and Feb. 29.

While players are unsure of Exoprimal‘s future, Capcom revealed more information about season 4. Players can expect a new challenge mode, custom maps, more beta units, an additional collaboration, and more in Apr. 2024.

Exoprimal Season 4 is planned for release in April 2024 and will include:

  • “Time Loop Rebellion” – A new 10-player co-op challenge mode
  • A “Custom Match” mode that allows Exofighters to send invites to friends playing on other platforms, enjoy the story together, and choose their favorite match settings
  • Additional Beta variant Exosuits
  • A third Capcom collaboration
  • New rigs, modules, and more
Capcom Press Release

Finally, if you haven’t given Exoprimal a chance, it’s currently 50 percent off on all platforms.

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