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Rumor: Nintendo Switch 2 to Release September 2024 (Updated)

Earlier today Altec Lansing announced the return of GameShark in under the new branding of AI Shark.

What is interesting about this press release is the mention of Nintendo Switch 2, along with giving it a Sept. 2024 release date.

Altec Lansing, the leading global audio electronics company, today announces its role as the first licensee of Ai Shark’s cutting-edge gaming software. Formerly known as GameShark, Ai Shark is set to redefine the gaming landscape with its revolutionary AI-enhanced technology. The innovative gaming software is set to mark a significant leap forward in the gaming experience, bringing enhanced gameplay for beginner-level users. The official launch is planned to coincide with the Nintendo Switch 2 in September 2024.  

Press Release

While this is still a rumor, as it’s hard to say if Altec Lansing actually has access to such information, but it’s an oddly specific detail to include. It isn’t like Nintendo routinely releases consoles in Sept, as Nintendo Switch released in Mar. 2017, the OLED version hit shelves in Oct. 2021, Wii U was Nov. 18, 2012, with the Wii also releasing in Nov. 2006.

It will be curious to see if this ends up being true, even if it is just a coincidence, especially with rumors of the console heating up.

Update: Notable Game Journalist, Jason Schreier, confirmed an AI Shark rep told them the aforementioned release date was just a guess.

Despite this seeming like the final nail in the coffin, a number of players still find the claim suspicious. While these thoughts are why we originally ran the story, it helps to remember that these things are not terrible uncommon, both on the strange detail, and community speculative side.

It will be interesting to see how it all ultimately pans out, but for now I wouldn’t anticipate this releasing in Sept. 2024.

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