Rumor: Best Buy Canada Lists Mysterious DualSense V2 345

Rumor: Best Buy Canada Lists Mysterious DualSense V2

Best Buy Canada added a mysterious new listing for a DualSense V2 wireless controller.

At first glance it looks identical to the original DualSense, with even the packaging omitting the V2 name, but the description includes a couple interesting details.

Dual Sense charging station (included) offers easy click-in charging

Exceptional 12-hour battery life, on a full charge, supports long gaming sessions

Best Buy Canada

The first change is the inclusion of a charging station. Sony currently makes a DualSense charging station that can be purchased for $30, so including a presumably singular version is a nice bonus. Given it’s an increasingly common addition with third party options, I am also not surprised to see Sony go in this direction.

A number of players also noticed the addition of “12-hour battery life.” Other listings on Best Buy do not list battery life, nor does Sony’s own listing reveal a specific amount of time. Even the initial reveal omits this information.

While this suggests a noticeable step forward, it might be less than you think. After searching for a bit I can’t find an official statement on what the expected life should be. Another site claims Sony stated it to be 12 to 15 hours, with other places claiming as low as 6, or as much as the previously mentioned 15 hours.

More reputable sites like Tech Radar mentioned their “crude” test yielded 12 hours. IGN gave an estimate of “around 10 hours” when compared to DualSense Edge, which is known to have even lower battery life.

I mostly mention this because it’s entirely possible the battery life is exactly the same. Given the weight is listed as 280 g, same as the original DualSense, it’s very possible there is no actual difference, and it’s just a revised description.

Updated descriptions are actually fairly common with products like this. They often happen to address concerns, or simplify the overall concept. The latter is fairly obvious when you compare the two listings.

DualSense V1 Listing

  • Haptic feedback lets you feel your in-game actions and environment
  • Adaptive triggers give you varying force and tension at your fingertips
  • Chat online through the built-in microphone
  • Connect a headset directly via the 3.5mm jack
  • Switch voice capture on and off using the dedicated mute button
  • Record and broadcast your epic gaming moments with the Create button
  • Enjoy a comfortable, evolved design that retains many DUALSHOCK 4 features with an iconic layout, enhanced sticks, and a reimagined light bar
  • Charge and play with a built-in battery and USB Type-C port (note: cable not included; to connect or charge the controller, use the USB cable supplied with the PS5 console)
  • Integrated motion sensor lets you intuitively interact with select games
  • Built-in speaker delivers high-fidelity sound effects on the controller in supported games
  • Accelerometer and gyroscope bring intuitive motion control to supported games
  • Note: Internet and account for PlayStation Network may be required to access all features
  • Connect using a USB Type-C cable or Bluetooth technology and easily play on more devices including Windows PC and Mac computers, Android and iOS mobile phones (cable not included)
  • Elevate PC gaming with advanced features like haptic feedback and adaptive triggers in a range of blockbuster PC titles (Haptic feedback and adaptive triggers may require USB connection and are available when supported by game)
  • Stream games from your PS5 or PS4 console to your PC and other devices via the PS Remote Play App and play with the DualSense controller (PS Remote Play requires Remote Play App, PS4 or PS5 console connected to a broadband network with at least 5Mbps, the latest system software and compatible game. A PS4 or PS5 console with a wired connection via a LAN cable is recommended. In PS4 games streamed via Remote Play, haptic feedback is replaced with basic rumble and adaptive triggers are not supported)

DualSense V2 Listing

  • Compatible with the PlayStation 5
  • Wireless connectivity ensures you will never get tangled up in wires while gaming
  • Iconic comfortable design fits naturally in your handsHaptic feedback replaces the traditional rumble motors for more realistic gameplay
  • Dynamic adaptive triggers let you experience different levels of force and tension as you interact with your game
  • Built-in microphone lets you engage with fellow gamers in online play
  • Headset jack lets you plug in your favourite headset, so you can tune in to your game audio easily
  • Dual Sense charging station (included) offers easy click-in charging
  • Exceptional 12-hour battery life, on a full charge, supports long gaming sessions
Best Buy Canada

Even if the supposed DualSense V2 only includes a charging stand it honestly isn’t a bad deal since both controllers are listed for $89.99 CAD. This might make the older versions less desirable, though Sony would likely discount those to quickly eliminate stock.

Time will tell what, if anything, the DualSense V2 ends up being, but if you’re in the market for a controller it might be worth waiting it a little longer.

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