Counterplay Comments on the Complaints Regarding Godfall: Challenger Edition 11

Counterplay Comments on the Complaints Regarding Godfall: Challenger Edition

Earlier this week Sony announced this months PlayStation Plus offers, which included the divisive former PlayStation 5 and PC exclusive, Godfall. However, unlike most offerings, Godfall was listed as recently announced Godfall: Challenger Edition, a unique version that only includes post game content. Fans were upset with this choice for a wide variety of reasons, which hit a point where Godfall developer, Counterplay, commented on the situation.

In a message sent to Eurogamer earlier today, Counterplay said the following:

Today, a spokesperson for developer Counterplay told Eurogamer that the Challenger Edition was “not a trial”, but a new cut-price, limited-feature edition.


The same article also confirms a couple new and equally confusing things about the upcoming title.

While players later learned Godfall: Challenger Edition will be free on the Epic Game Store from Dec. 9 until Dec. 16, after which it will be sold for $14.99, with the option to upgrade for $45.

This makes some level of sense, as these two prices make up the current MSRP for Godfall’s deluxe edition, it seems almost comical given the current asking price is $29.99. Or those with a PlayStation 5 that can use discs always have the option to snag used, with even GameStop pricing the base game at $22.99. Arguably not a better deal, as deluxe includes Fire and Darkness, which is currently $9.99 and normally $19.99, it’s still a better option than buying the suggested Godfall: Challenger Edition.

Probably not the response they were looking for, but at least it shows they’re aware of the negative opinion of the upcoming version.

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