Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut gets rated by the ESRB

Ghost of Tsushima on PC Delisted In Multiple Regions

Here’s a story that’s going to sound awfully familiar. Sony has delisted the upcoming PC release of Ghost of Tsushima in multiple countries. That sense of deja vu is borne from the fact that this is exactly what happened with Helldivers 2 in a tumultuous back-and-forth between publisher, developer and the community that began last week and carried into the current week.

Although that drama is still simmering a bit, Sony has given rise to a new outcry by removing Sucker Punch’s samurai-epic from multiple regions just one week before its release date. The move, much like Helldivers 2, seems to be due to restricting purchases to regions that officially support the PlayStation Network, since Sony’s service is a requirement for the game’s co-op Legends mode. Being barred from PSN would make part of the game inaccessible. That reason alone, alongside player outrage, is what reversed the decision for Arrowhead’s freedom simulator.

However this creates a new wrinkle, given that those only interested in the single player will no longer have the opportunity to play Ghost of Tsushima should they reside in one of the affected countries. Details are currently scarce beyond this development, but the refund emails going out from digital storefronts like Green Man Gaming have people believing the decision is Sony’s and not Valve’s.

We’ll have to wait a bit longer to know more, but I imagine there’s a review bombing ready to drop when Ghost of Tsushima hits PC on May 16th.

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