Helldivers 2 Now Delisted in Over 100 Countries 345

Helldivers 2 Now Delisted in Over 100 Countries

Earlier this week Sony confirmed Helldivers 2 will soon require a PlayStation Network (PSN) account to play. This was something known, but due to technical issues it was not previously required.

The change was met with an overwhelming negative response from the community. Among the biggest complaints were people in regions where PSN is not present being unable to play without violating Sony’s terms of service.

Following that, Steam’s listing of Helldivers 2 removed over 100 countries. It’s not currently known if this was Valve, or Sony’s choice, but was likely made to prevent further issues from the aforementioned counties unable to make a PSN account.

As the issue continues to gain traction, recent Steam reviews are currently at overwhelmingly negative, with the all-time dropping down to mixed.

At the time Sony has not issued a response, but given the attention the issue has received there will likely be one in the coming days.

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