Celebrate Pie Day With a New PlayStation Stars Collectible

Celebrate Pie Day With a New PlayStation Stars Collectible

PlayStation Stars added a new 24 hour campaign to celebrate National Pie Day. This is an interesting one to highlight, as it’s the less common of the two pie days to celebrate.

Back in 1986, The American Pie Council decided to name Jan. 23 National Pie day in honor of commemorate Crisco’s 75th anniversary. While this is the date Sony choose to highlight, many choose to celebrate pies on Pi Day, which is Mar. 14, a date selected because Pi/π’s first three digits are 3.14.

While the history isn’t important, those interested can earn this collectible by playing any PlayStation 4/5 title by the end of the day. Doing this will unlock a UMD based collectible that uses a pie.

Unfortunately, it’s not known why Sony choose this specific design to honor the date. Theories range from a pun that makes sense in Japanese, to both having three letter words like an actual UMD. Though, it’s far from the oddest idea they’ve had thus far.

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