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How to do Refract Prisms in Immortals of Aveum

If you’re anything like me you’ll try to complete as many puzzles as possible. This can be one of the most useful ways to progress, not to mention can make the post game grind a lot easier. While there are a lot of puzzles in Immortals of Aveum, some of the most interesting are Refract Prisms. The first couple of puzzles have a lot of moving parts, seem to work correctly, yet can’t be completed for one reason or another. If you’re wondering what the trick is, look no further as we’re going to explain how to do refract prisms in Immortals of Aveum.

How to do Refract Prisms in Immortals of Aveum

Odds are if you’re looking at this guide you’re in Lucium trying to solve the Greyveil puzzle. Since there isn’t, or at least I didn’t, get a notification it couldn’t be solved it, and it has so many moving parts, the problem seems solvable. Unfortunately, it is not possible until you reach the chapter The Binding Mark.

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Shortly into this chapter you’ll receive an upgrade for Disrupt that is called Refract. There will be a brief tutorial that allows you to use said upgrade on the crystal to create a laser that activates the eye statues.

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These are actually pretty annoying to do, since positioning matters. Often times you’ll need to run around the room, or locate a position that seems off. When fired at the correct placement it will activate the statues to unlock the prize.

While revisiting these can be enticing, you might not want to bother until much later. The prize for a lot of these puzzles are a special type of challenge gate. Here you need to defeat extremely powerful bosses, referred to simply as The Six, for some of the best gear in Immortals of Aveum. On hard, at the time of unlock, the first boss I attempted could effortlessly one hit me, so they’re no joke.

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