Must have Miracles in Shin Megami Tensei V

Must have Miracles in Shin Megami Tensei V

Miracles in Shin Megami Tensei V is a new feature that allows you, Nahobino, to earn advantages in battle.

By going to the World of Shadows, you will have Sophia guide you in using your Glory points in buying Miracles. There are four types of Miracles that you can have and they are Supremacy, which affects battle and negotiation, Doctrine that affects demon fusion and shopping, Awakening that affects stat and growth, and last but not least the Cosmos that affects skill potentials.

Since Glory is quite limited at early parts of the game, we have come upon a must have Miracles in Shin Megami Tensei V:


  1. Fell Swoop – increases your Magatsuhi Gauge very slightly when inflicting weak or critical
  2. Forestall – slashing an enemy in the field without being noticed will increase the Magatsuhi Gauge
  3. Knowledge of Tools – allows your demons to use items during battle


  1. Hand of God -Rare chance to acquite extra relic
  2. Unforgotten Memories – newly fused demons will gain EXP based on the stats of the demons fused
  3. Art of Essence – Allow an additional skill to be selected from essences


  1. Divine Garrison – Increase the amount of demon you can have in your party
  2. Empowering Cheer – Half of MAX HP and MP are recovered when leveling up
  3. Skill Manifestation – A demon ally can awaken to a new skill when leveling up
  4. Divine Prophecy – Increases the Nahobino’s Skill by 1
  5. Demon Prophecy – Increase demon ally’s skill slots by 1


  • Decide what potential are you focusing on. If you are focusing on Agi spells, focus on Fire mastery or on Bufu Spells, focus on Ice mastery. The Cosmos miracles are based on what you really need.
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