What Unlocks After Beating Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

What Unlocks After Beating Final Fantasy VII Rebirth?

With the imminent release of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, players wonder what rewards await at the end of the journey.

Without divulging major plot spoilers, we’ll outline which features unlock after completing the main storyline. For avid trophy hunters, multiple playthroughs are required for hard mode, and possibly other content.

Post-Game Activities

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Chapter Selection
  • Players will have the opportunity to revisit previous chapters and relive iconic moments, or battles while retaining their equipment, levels, materia, and other progress from before completing the game. Additionally, players can adjust the quest completion status.
Hard Mode
  • Before embarking on a new chapter, players can opt for Hard Mode. Those seeking a challenge and having maxed-out characters at level 70 can delve into Hard Mode, but be forewarned: items cannot be used, and resting spots only replenish HP, not MP.
Play Log
  • Anyone curious about their accomplishments will be able to consult the Play Log. This is located in the Systems section of the main menu, which tracks achievements, and other battle data.
Gold Saucer Companion Selection
  • Unsatisfied with the companion chosen during the Ferris Wheel event in Gold Saucer? Players can try their luck again and select another character if they’ve built a rapport with Cloud.
Combat Simulator Updates
  • Additional challenges unlock after the credits roll. Players eager for unique combat experiences, such as facing off a secret character, can venture into the Combat Simulator to fulfill Chadley and MAI’s requests.
Change Outfits
  • Remember those outfits from Costa Del Sol? Now, players can don them. Simply locate the Chocobo Ranches scattered throughout the world to change outfits.
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