Back 4 Blood: Tunnels of Terror Trophy/Achievement Guide 76

Back 4 Blood: Tunnels of Terror Trophy/Achievement Guide

Returning to a game like Back 4 Blood is always difficult. There are new mechanics, rebalancing, new things and finding the DLC is rather tricky. Thankfully, the trophy/achievements in Tunnels of Terror are far from demanding, though they can take some time to figure out. From new enemies to additional secrets, there is a lot to see and we’re here to make it a lot easier.

Back 4 Blood: Tunnels of Terror Trophy/Achievement Guide

Master Spelunker

Tunnels of Terror adds seven new events called Ridden Hives. They randomly appear during the campaign, with no real tricks or secrets to see them all besides luck.

The stages are as follows:

  • Sunken Passages
  • The Cut
  • Blood Lair
  • 300 Below
  • Blood Stream
  • Caustic Cesspool
  • The Nursery

While luck determines which stage you get, this only applies to the first six stages. The Nursery is an optional Ridden Hive hidden inside one of the other Hives. Typically it’s not hard to find, with an example of it below. Please note, going there will end the stage like normal, so make sure you have all the totems you want before leaving.

Finally, for a Ridden Hive to be considered complete, you simply need to exit. Doesn’t matter if you take the first exit, get zero totems or watched your friends do it, you just need to make it out alive.

Overwhelming Power

One of the many things added in Tunnels of Terror are Warped Chests. These chests, pictured below, are unique to Ridden Hives and give a large number of weapons, attachments and a generic card in exchange for trauma.

What makes this task tricky is, not only are they fairly uncommon (about two per Hive), there is no trick to make them give good gear. Eventually a chest will have a gold weapon with a unique name, design and features.

Be warned, not only are the guns often cool looking, they’re extremely fun to play with. This means there is likely going to be a lot of competition to get one, especially when it might take five or six runs for one to even appear. On a high note, the trophy simply requires one kill with the gun. As long as you’re playing with people willing to share, everyone can get the trophy/achievement by simply dropping the gun.

Totem Toter

All you need to do is exit a level with someone holding a totem.

Using your Noggin

After finding a totem, simply kill 10 enemies with it. This honestly sounds harder than it is, since most people don’t want to hold it and the weapon is actually quite powerful.

Unnatural Selection

This expansion added three new types of special Ridden called Warped Ridden. They generally appear in Hives, though you can occasionally find them on campaign levels, which have unique powers and abilities. If you’re in doubt, just look for enemies that resemble porcupines.

This should happen naturally, though if you’re having issues or just want it faster, look for a stage that has all three enemies as corruption cards. Next, either have teammates leave them for you to kill or simply kill the AI and take over a different character until there is no competition for kills. After killing one of each it will unlock.

Left Ventricle, Nook, or Cranny?, Unholy Grail, Precarious Perch, Backtrack, Round the Riverbend and Pipe Dream

Every Hive has a secret item hidden somewhere in there. These can be hard to explain, so we made a brief video guide to make it easier.

  • 0:00 – Nursery
  • 0:17 – Sunken Passages
  • 0:52 – The Cut
  • 1:13 – Blood Lair
  • 2:20 – 300 Below
  • 2:34 – Blood Stream
  • 2:52 – Caustic Cesspool
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