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How to Obtain a Level 65 Dreamstone in Godfall

Returning to a game like Godfall is rather difficult. There is a new meta, perks, builds and mechanics that never existed and might not have ever been explained properly. With Lightbringer, the massive update that came with the expansion Fire & Darkness, players can now earn cursed items. The items themselves are relatively straightforward.

Equip the item and accomplish whatever task is listed. Higher rarity items have multiple perks, each with their own task to complete. Where things get tricky are some high level cursed items ask players to defeat a specific boss in a level 65 or higher Dreamstone. Given these cap at 60, players are left wondering how to get the next level, which is a lot more complicated than you might think.

How to Obtain a Level 65 Dreamstone in Godfall:

Before worrying about getting to 65, it’s important to bring your standard Dreamstones to 60. This is the soft cap, so you’re going to need to move to the Volatile side to keep going higher

The idea behind this is relatively simple. Pick a level 60 Dreamstone, don’t worry too much, each fight is annoying for its own reason, and focus on side fights. It’s important to keep the Dreamstone stable as you continue. Do this until you’ve completed your fourth stage. It should give a screen like the one below.

Doing this will increase the Dreamstone level. However, this isn’t quite how you get to level 65. To do that, you need the boss to drop Volatile Dreamstones. The more drops the better, though this doesn’t matter too much at the start. This will either happen as a drop is revealed or in some cases can be purchased. Do not finish the Dreamstone until it says there is a Volatile Dreamstone drop.

Successful completion of the stage will give you those and whatever other drops you unlocked. But, the important thing is under Volatile Dreamstones, you should have one or more Dreamstones at level 61 because that is the level you finished the Dreamstone at.

Continue this process until you get to level 65. At this point it isn’t required to level the Dreamstone, though you want as many as possible since RNG will dictate which boss you need.

Unfortunately, there is no way to force a specific boss, so it’s better to earn as many Dreamstones as possible. Each one will give you two important things. The first is a safeguard, as you have a limited number of tries with Volatile Dreamstones and will give you more options in the future. Also remember you don’t need to equip the item for the full Dreamstone, just the fight in question.

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