How to Quickly Farm Mastery In Granblue Fantasy: Relink 34534

How to Quickly Farm Mastery In Granblue Fantasy: Relink

Mastery is one of the longest grinds in Granblue Fantasy: Relink. It takes well over 10,000 just to cap a single section, with characters taking over 20,000 total points to simplify fulfill the basics. Given offline players will need to do that for their AI partners as well, the grind to obtain 60,000+ Mastery can seem never ending. However, it really isn’t that bad if you know the tricks mentioned here.

Repeatable Side Quest Trick

Folca has a number of repeatable quests, with the most notable two being Futureproof Trading, and Presentproof Investing. These can be found by the quest giver, and the guy near the Wee Pincer kid. Both of these side quests are notable because they offer 700 Mastery in exchange for five Fire/Earth Shards, or Water/Wind Shards.

Depending on how you played it’s possible you’ll hit the ground running and have multiple stacks that can be traded in. If not, those shards are among the easiest resource to obtain.

Instead of coming from high tier quests, or difficult fights, they’re instead rewards for beating normal bosses. On average these bosses can be killed in 1 to 10 seconds depending on a couple factors.

To help grind, the best four quests to grind shards are as follows…

  • Fire Shard – The Saga Continues: Fire
  • Earth Shard – Golemology 101: Desert Golems
  • Water Shard – The Saga Continues: Ice
  • Wind Shard – Saga Grande: The Beginning

While these can be obtained from higher tier quests, what makes the low tier version more advantageous, besides the ridiculously short play time, is a secondary drop all of these quests include. These are Magma Worm, Desert Ash, Ice Spire, and Cobblestone respectively.

How to Quickly Farm Mastery In Granblue Fantasy: Relink 34534

Each of these resources, coupled with three Rafale Coins, can be traded for a single shard. Depending on your luck a single run can give five of each resource, meaning you just earned 1,400 Mastery.

Save/Reload Trick

Upon obtaining a massive supply of resources, such as 100 of each type, you can quickly trade them for Mastery by saving the game next to them, quitting, and then reloading your save. Unlike other things, each reload will make the quest return. This is especially useful for the far away vender as you won’t need to run there each time.


Those not looking to grind the resources required for this method can instead grind Gold Dalia badges. These are given at a rate of one per voucher when playing online, with a max of three per Quick Quest. Getting a total of 30, so 10 runs, will give an additional 10 vouchers, plus access to Ambrosia.

How to Quickly Farm Mastery In Granblue Fantasy: Relink 34534

This resource is unique to Dalia Badges, and gives 10,000 Mastery points per item consumed.

Slimepede Method

Simepede is a rather unusual quest on Maniac. It involves killing enemies, but as the name suggests, every enemy is a slime. This means they give a bunch of experience, resources, cash, and most importantly, Mastery.

How to Quickly Farm Mastery In Granblue Fantasy: Relink 34534

Not only do Slimes sometimes give Mastery themselves, each one you overkill will go towards bonuses rewards at the end as well. I was averaging 70 kills per 3 minutes with AI, 60+ of which were overkills, and gained an additional 150 Mastery per run.

While that gain of 1,072 Mastery is nice, it isn’t the full picture. The total only reflects Mastery earned from the quest, enemies, and overkills. It does not include characters who level, so each 3 minute run actually gave 1,872 Mastery.

It’s still slower than the Side Quest method, though this one gives over 200,000 in cash, books to level other characters, plus valuable resources that can be traded for Knickknack Vouchers.

Leveling Method

Instead of focusing on bringing each character up to level 100 around the same time, it helps to max a single character quickly. After doing that they’ll still earn experience that will eventually give 100 Mastery and three Knickknack Vouchers that can be used for Transmutation.

This honestly adds up fast when you think about it. The final quest was routinely giving me a level, so each run gave 400 Mastery and 12 Knickknack Vouchers on top of the quest rewards.

Unfortunately, unused characters don’t move as fast, but each additional max level character has the potential to further this by adding another 100 Mastery and 12 Knickknack vouchers.

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