Gran Turismo Sport's Final Update Ensures Preservation Through Offline Saves

Gran Turismo Sport’s Final Update Ensures Preservation Through Offline Saves

Gran Turismo Sport announced the impending end of online services in a post on the title’s official website late last year, leaving owners of the game left worrying about their save files. If you’re unaware, GT Sport made the controversial decision to tie player save files to a server. The shutdown of those servers, which took place on January 31st, would effectively bar players from accessing their saves.

A final update for Gran Turismo Sport has prevented a grim future wherein progression in the racing sim was all but forfeit, and the preservation of the game in jeopardy. While the Community, Open Lobby, Sport mode and custom liveries are no longer available following the server shutdown, there is much that can still be enjoyed moving forward, including world circuits and any previously purchased add-on content.

Additionally, Polyphony Digital’s handling of the end of GT Sport‘s long-lasting support period gives hope to those player the much more recent Gran Turismo 7, another entry in the franchise with similar online restrictions. When GT7 reaches retirement, it now seems more likely than ever that it will follow suit and remove its online requirements.

For now, let’s take comfort in the fact that the modern era of online-bound games didn’t shove GT Sport into an inaccessible final resting place.

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