How to Unlock Polygun in Remnant 2 34534

How to Unlock Polygun in Remnant 2

As we mentioned in our review of Remnant 2: The Forgotten Kingdom, there isn’t much to the latest DLC. Outside of the initial mystery behind unlocking the Invoker archetype, players discovered everything else with relative ease besides a weapon called Polygun. This remained a mystery for a couple days before players figured it out, with reddit user MADMike7022 explaining the method to unlock it.

Editor’s Note: This method might be a glitch, and may not work in the future.

Obtaining Thorn

Prior to obtaining Polygun you must obtain Thorn. To do this, start by going to the Glittering Grotto and progressing forward to the Ancient Canopy.

Instead of heading forward where the initial mural is, go right. At the end there should be a nest with an egg. Instead of picking it up, simply head back to the intended path. Progress forward until you hear the sounds of birds crying.

This should occur when you reach Primal Hollow. Anyone who completed the DLC, but did not find this optional activity, should be able to load Primal Hollow, and immediately return to said nest.

How to Unlock Polygun in Remnant 2 34534

Upon returning this bird should appear and will throw up the purple item below. Take it back to Ward 13 and craft Thorn.

Reroll Campaign

The next step to unlock Polygun is to reroll the campaign. Anyone who did this after Remnant 2: The Forgotten Kingdom released can skip this step. The goal of this is to complete the first area and unlock Labyrinth.

Unfortunately, the location needed to unlock Polygun requires players to complete the Cube boss. Those who struggle with this boss can use Thorn to make it a lot easier. In all this step should take around an hour.

Unlocking Polygun

Progress forward until you reach the Inner Sanctum checkpoint. After that, turn around, go to the stairs, and go down the right path. There will be a small ledge below, followed by one to the right, and then one that can be reached with a jump.

On the other side of the ridge there will be a spot that turns the crosshair red. Shoot there until the item breaks. I had to look up a bit before I was able to hit it. After this a platform will appear behind you with another, now visible, cube to the right. Shoot it, look to the left and shoot that cube to reveal a platform.

At the end will be a platform with Polygun laying on it.

Is Polygun Worth It?

Polygun is a rather unusual weapon in Remnant 2. Instead of having a powerful modifier, it swaps Polygun from rifle to shotgun and vice versa.

How to Unlock Polygun in Remnant 2 34534

In addition to that, Polygun has unlimited ammo, but it comes at a cost. To correctly use it you must manually reload Polygun, and do so at the indicated time. If this is completed four times in succession it will give unlimited shots for a brief period. After this it will alternate between three charges, and unlimited provided the rotation is maintained, and done so within a period of time.

How to Unlock Polygun in Remnant 2 3454

Failing to maintain the rotation will both reset Polygun, and cause you to take damage. It’s a high risk gun for with an interesting gimmick. One thing that is nice is the reload time seems rather generous on timing, and is always at the same place/rate. I can consistently do it without fail outside of combat, so it just comes down to maintaining it when the pressure is on.

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