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How Long to Beat Atlas Fallen?

Open-world games tend to be massive undertakings. Not only is there an overwhelming number of activities to complete, there are countless secrets to uncover. This can make them rather sizable investments, one that might turn some players off. With these potential issues, we wanted to answer how long does it take to complete Atlas Fallen?

How Long to Beat Atlas Fallen?

It took us 11 hours and 36 minutes to beat Atlas Fallen with a sizable amount of exploration. I would estimate a more determined player could finish this adventure in 7 hours or less depending on skill and whether they used a guide.

While the overall playtime is rather low, there are a sizable amount of optional items to find. Without a guide it took just over 24 hours to platinum Atlas Fallen. This includes doing almost every optional task available, along with finding practically every collectible.

Truly determined players can also extend their play time by doing every optional quest. Several of these are location based, so progressing too far in the narrative will render them unavailable. This does not prevent you from obtaining their rewards, just the dialogue associated with it.

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