XGIMI Expands Distribution to Best Buy 11

XGIMI Expands Distribution to Best Buy

XGIMI announced they are expanding the distribution of their popular Android based projectors to Best Buy.

The initial line up includes Halo+, Horizon, and Horizon Pro, which are all on sale until Nov. 20. This means you can get Halo+ for $749 instead of $849, Horizon is down to $849 instead of $999, and Horizon Pro gets a substantial $300 savings, bringing it from $1,899 to $1,599.

Along with the announcement, Tex Yang, VP of XGIMI’s Global Business Unit, added the following:

By working with Best Buy, the most important electronics retailer in North America, XGIMI takes another step toward bringing the best in class smart projectors to our local US customers.

XGIMI Press Release

If you’re unfamiliar with XGIMI’s projectors, you can find an overview below, with an expanded look in our various reviews:

XGIMI’s HORIZON series and Halo+ projectors will bring the best Android projectors on the market to Best Buy’s customers. Featuring Android TV 10 with access to the expansive library of the Google Play store including apps like Disney+, Amazon Prime and HBO Max, combined with XGIMI’s proprietary auto-focus and auto-keystone features have made these projectors the new standard for home and portable projection.  Simply point the projectors at a screen or wall and hit play. 

XGIMI Press Release

This should be a massive step towards helping XGIMI being adopted in North America, along with offering a good number of benefits for consumers.

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