Maono Reveals PD200X and DM20 4

Maono Reveals PD200X and DM20

Following a tease earlier this month, Maono officially announced PD200X, and DM20 as their latest microphones.

As the name suggests, PD200X is a model between their PD100, and PD400X microphones. It supports both XLR, and USB-C connections, boasts 2-in-1 smart knob, shock mount, and RGB lighting.

According to the listing, and we suspected with the tease, it will not come with a traditional stand. This means you’d either need to find one that works with the shock mount, or use a boom mic arm. While this might be a dealbreaker for some, it is off-set by the $79.99 MSRP. Those who preorder with the code 3AJ34FWXPYHK will get $10 off, plus receive an XLR cable.

Their gaming line expands with DM20, which is an interesting amalgamation of features found every HyperX Cast line of microphones. It boasts a shock mount, pop filter, stand, noise filtering, and RGB coloring. At the time of posting Maono has confirmed it will come in black, white, and pink. These can also be preordered for $39.99, though promo code AZ9C6YCKGXB5 brings it down to $34.99.

Both PD200X, and DM20 will be available for preorder for the next 12 days, with shipping estimated to begin in Mar., or Apr. 2023.

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