How to Defeat Door Guardian in Lies of P 43543

How to Defeat Door Guardian in Lies of P

Unlike most bosses in Lies of P, Door Guardian can be hard to even damage. Most attacks won’t actually do damage and when you actually damage him, it’s incredibly difficult to gain momentum. Not to mention the debuffs combined with his wide range and large damage make this one very tedious fight.

Clear Enemies Before Engaging

Before going into this battle I strongly suggest getting to the base and killing one of the large scorpion looking enemies. Doing this will prevent it from spawning on later attempts. Next, kill the peons to get to the turrets above. If you destroy all six they will not respawn on later attempts. Finally, go back and kill the other scorpion enemy. By doing this you’ll only have a couple of basic adds stopping you from getting to the gate. It won’t guarantee you get there unscathed, but it will make getting there a lot easier.

Suggested Build

While maximizing defense is always welcome, the only things you actually need are a fast weapon like Two Dragons Sword, Patience Amulet, and as much stamina as possible. Provided you have these things the fight is more than doable.

How to Damage Door Guardian

Odds are if you’re reading this guide you’re struggling to even damage Door Guardian. Every location, besides his head and right (your left) leg is completely immune to damage. My advice is to lock on and move the lock on to the leg you can damage.

How to Defeat Door Guardian in Lies of P 34534

This will look like the image above, which is your target for the whole fight. Your whole goal is to knock him over by quickly damaging that leg.

Defeating Door Guardian

The best tactic I found was to wait for a long opening at the start and use my Fable Art. Hitting the full tier three blast and a like two or three normal attacks is enough to topple him over the first time.

Please note, him falling can also deal significant damage to you, so back off. Immediately do the Fatal Attack, followed by as much damage to his head as possible. For the rest of the fight you’ll want to maintain this rotation.

I can confirm with stronger weapons it’s possible to kill him in two rotations, though with Two Dragon’s Sword it’s going to be more than two. Getting the third is a guaranteed win, but odds are he won’t last that long.

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