How to Achieve a Top Score During Destiny 2's 2022 Guardian Games 111

How to Achieve a Top Score During Destiny 2’s 2022 Guardian Games

Guardian Games is one of the most interesting events in Destiny 2. It isn’t really about what you specifically do, as much as how much you contribute for your given class. While there are no doubt some players who care about making sure their class wins, something that is already looking like Warlocks will take, a new triumph called Tower’s Finest has players getting desperate.

The idea behind the triumph is anyone who scores within the top 10 percent by the end of Guardian Games gets a unique emblem. Many players were worried what kind of insane teamwork or complicated tactic would be required, though instead players noticed an interesting exploit that makes scoring high both extremely achievable and really tedious.

How to Achieve a Top Score During Destiny 2’s 2022 Guardian Games

Set Up

Before worrying about finding like minded players, you want to drop your power level before 1,350. If you have one of the old Halloween masks and something like Traveler’s Chosen you can get to about 1156 without changing anything else. I’ve seen some players get into the 700 range, which is nice, but the more gear you need to change the worse it will be.

In addition to this, you want something with ricochet bullets or if you don’t want to comb your vault looking for it, Hard Light will work. After this head into the playlist with two like minded players and get ready to maximize your points.


The trick is rather simple. The Vanguard Medal “Guardian Angel” gives a huge amount of points for reviving two Guardians quickly. It’s around 5 seconds, so enough to easily do it, but not enough where it’s going to always happen.

What you’ll want to do is have each player follow a rotation. Group one will have one person revive and two killing themselves by shooting the wall behind where you spawn with Hard Light or something that has ricochet bullets. After that set is revived, a different player revives, with the other two killing themselves. On the final rotation, the player who has yet to revive does so and the other two die.

This will quickly rack up points, with the end point varying based off the person. The amount of points lost going the whole amount is nowhere near as much as you could potentially gain, meaning roughly 25 minutes is the max, though even with just 10 minutes you can easily hit 400,000+ points.

Points to Shoot For

At the time of posting you can get there with a low 300,000 point score, though with this method it’s entirely possible to hit 500,000 or if you’re really good, even 700,000 isn’t impossible. You can keep track of your placement via the Quest tab under the Shoot to Score quest.

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