How to Defeat White Lady in Lies of P 34534

How to Defeat White Lady in Lies of P

White Lady is basically Survivor with a different weapon. She is fast, aggressive, and will push you if you let her. Thankfully, these same traits make her pretty easy to overcome. Still, if you’re struggling with this Lies of P boss we will make it a lot easier.

How to Defeat White Lady in Lies of P

Suggested Build

White Lady shouldn’t require a complicated set up beyond whatever you currently have, a fast weapon, and Flame Grindstone. Provided you have these things it should be pretty fast.

If you want to make things even easier it helps to have your Fable Art at max level. There are enough enemies to generate it normally, or you can simply use items to bridge the gap. Whatever option you choose just make sure you have it for the start of the fight.

Defeating White Lady

Interact with the puppet, followed by using the Flame Grindstone. This is because she takes a moment to be vulnerable, so you might as well maximize time. Depending on your overall attack she should get stun locked and then set on fire with this combo.

The ideal situation is stun locking her, setting her on fire, and then using the Fable Art. This should bring her to close to 50 percent health. After this you have ample time to chip away at her attack or try to make any opening.

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